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A Distinctly Grownup Breakfast

Ω April 22nd, 2010 Ω Tagged , , , , , , , Ω 43 Comments

This ain’t one for the kiddies.

I went with the four quadrant look for my oatmeal toppings this morning (the BEST way to try out a lot of toppings). Beginning at 3 o’clock and moving clockwise, we start with Plain Jane Saratoga PB:

Strawberries drizzled with the best balsamic vinegar we had on hand (thick and sweet):

Chillin’ Chocolate (of course):

(ALERT! ALERT! If you have children watching, you may want to send them from the room.)


Aaaaand, finished with a quadrant of brandy-soaked strawberries – a suggestion from my wonderful Greek friend Christa! :D

Ooh, baby, did these strawberries kick breakfast up a notch. I wouldn’t dare have this for breakfast on a clinical rotation day, as I think my preceptor wouldn’t take too kindly to brandy breath as I see the patients.

Each quadrant was delicious! Have you ever tried balsamic vinegar on strawberries? Choose a sweet one for the best effect, or reduce a cheaper one by simmering over low heat on the stove. …All right, I have to say it: I dare you. I double dog dare you to have brandy-soaked strawberries on your morning oats or cereal. I triple tripe dare you.

Anyhoo, here’s a food I bet you’ve never seen before: fresh garbanzo beans. No, not those tan things. This:

I picked them up at Whole Foods last weekend and spent about 20 minutes shelling all the pods (each pod had 1 or 2 “chickpeas” ). You can eat them like edamame: steamed and salted. OR, you can make a green hummus. And that, my friends, is exactly what I did.

With garlic and tahini. After blending, I drizzled in a little olive oil and blended some more. I only added a little oil because I like my hummus thick, not oily.

Cucumbers and Super Green Hummus on a slice of Peter’s Dutch Crust Bread:

All the delicious crust crispies fell off the top of the loaf, so I ate them like … well, like pieces of crust.

Let’s go from delicious eats to not-so-delicious eats. My sister C sent me this link about a week ago. The article features this sandwich:

This KFC creation is basically a bacon cheese sandwich with two slabs of fried chicken instead of the bun. The 5″ x 4″ sandwich has more fat and sodium than anyone should eat in a “snack”. Even if you’re not watching your intake, why would you intentionally put something into your body that will not only raise your blood pressure and harden your arteries, but will make you feel terrible as it’s being digested? Perhaps I shouldn’t offer my opinion so strongly – after all, everyone is entitled to make choices about what they eat. All I want to say is: keep yourself informed about what you put into your body. Don’t chew blindly.

Let’s end on some adorable doggle pictures, because goodness knows I exploit Maddles’ adorableness :D

Let’s look at a closeup, ’cause, well, why not?

Peace, sistas and bruddahs.

Q: Have you ever tried different toppings on the same dish, just to try out lots of different flavors?

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