A Lunchtime Treat and Menu Planning

Check out this awesome bourbon cream our friends Arden and Dan gave us on Thursday:

How cute is this label?

I decided to taste it at lunch today because nighttime alcohol tends to wreak havoc on my sleep.

Plenty of cream in this deliciousness:










And plenty of bourbon, too! Whew! I took one sip and began coughing theatrically like they do in the movies. Perhaps that was not the best time to ask Peter if he wanted a sip. Still, I finished it all. In fact, as I write this post, I’m feeling the effects of my sip of bourbon. Please excuse any typing errors. It was lik drankifjg melthed ice cweam.

Not bad for a lunchtime treat 😉

Meanwhile, Maddie stole one of my mini bell peppers and began chomping down.






At least she’s getting her veggies. Longtime readers may remember this gem from February 2010:










Or this one from not long after:

Once a veggie-loving dog, always a veggie-loving dog. I’ve taught her well.

Menu Planning, ahoy!

Day 1: Smoked turkey tacos with avocado and homemade cranberry sauce
Day 2: Pizza on the BIG GREEN EGG
Day 3: Corn chowder with fresh-baked bread
Day 4: S ‘n’ S Shrimp Lomein (it’s amazing how I wrote that earlier today and don’t remember what “S ‘n’ S” means)
Day 5: Leftovers or FFA (free for all)
Day 6: Ravioli or Golden Harbor
Day 7: Leftovers

Remember, these dishes are not in the exact order of preparation. We’ll probably move the leftover days to the middle of the week for when times are busy. Stay tuned to see how we do!

Happy Sunday, dear reader!

Q: How was your weekend?


Have you ever had a special treat at lunch? 😉


  1. Mmmm, bourbon cream sounds pretty darn smooth! And your pup is super cute!

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