A Park So Nice, I Went There Twice

When I woke this morning, I was a woman with a plan.

Farmer’s market, nearby park, lunch, grocery shopping. Check, check, check, and check.

We’ve been loving this enormous farmer’s market that takes place in Urbana each Saturday.

Peter checking out a stand on the left.

We picked up fresh corn, eggplant, fingerling potatoes, a cantaloupe, an enormous box of peaches, and kettle corn.


Peter searching for the perfect cantaloupe:

Loaded down with peaches and kettle corn:

Afterward, we checked out the nearby art mart, a store selling a collection of seemingly random food and clothing items. Still, they carry my favorite stroopwafels, so they’re tops in my book. We picked up a croissant (Peter’s favorite) and a butterscotch scone (my fav).

Both were a little disappointing: Peter said the croissant was stiff instead of flaky, and the scone had butterscotch chips, which is kinda blech. Too fake-tasting.

The park was a great improvement!

Meadowbrook Park is just a few cornfields away and has an herb garden, miles of trails, and a crazy collection of sculptures.

“Sorry, sir. I have no idea why your body is another head.”

This is how I look when someone ate all the cheese before I got there:

This is a move I like to call “The Starfish”:

The trails are gorgeous! After we breezed through lunch and grocery shopping, I went back to the park for a nice long run.

(By long, I mean 30 minutes. I’m not a marathoner. Or a five-athoner, for that matter.)

I’m so glad I finally found a good place to run! I’m not crazy about running on roads or through residential neighborhoods, so finding a nice trail is like discovering a bar of my favorite chocolate hidden in the back of a cabinet. Score!

Evening, dear reader!

Q: Have you ever been to a farmer’s markets? What’s your favorite bakery item?


  1. Love love LOVE your outfit, always flowy? simple, comfy. Love the mirrored sunnies, lookin’ tooo cool! I’m happy you’re loving your new town, sounds more exciting than over here.

    1. Thanks, Sandy! It’s finally 70 degrees here instead of 90 🙂

  2. I have to try a stroopwafel! Farmer’s markets are so fun, I just might go to one today (hopefully). I haven’t tried any in California yet. What I did try is some delicious cake from this French restaurant + bakery http://www.thefrenchgourmet.com/ Dark chocolate with hazelnut cream, sooo good! Cake is definitely my favourite bakery item…and muffins haha.

    That park looks lovely and just perfect for running! So pretty and peaceful. Have a super day, Jessie 🙂

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