An Ethereal Glow

I wish I looked like this today:

Instead, I looked like the guy in the background of the uncropped version:


You know, umbrellas just don’t work well when they’re inside out.

At least I got to come home to some delicious eats! Besides some yummy shrimp scampi, Peter also sauteed beet greens (that’s right, the leafy tops of beets) in walnut oil. How does he come up with this stuff??

Smooth and nutty, without a trace of bitterness. What a husb.

While I was taking pictures of the beet greens, the camera lens fogged up until everything looked like those school pictures with the “soft touch” option:

After dinner, I made oatmeal cookies for a dinner I’m going to tomorrow, following the Vanishing Oatmeal Raisin Cookie recipe on the Quaker website.

A little Peter-made vanilla sugar makes everything sweeter.

Ready to go in.
Warm and soft, right from the oven.

Cookies are good, but Maddie would argue that veggies are better.


  1. There was also some meat for dinner. Where’s the pictures of that?

  2. You ate it too fast for me to take a pic. Ooh, zing!

  3. Hi Jessie! Your blog is wonderful. Please keep it up. I tried the garlicky-ginger salmon recipe; it was delicious. Never would have thought to use mayo like that. And it’s funny, I just cooked beet greens over the weekend for the first time, and loved them too. Again, who’da thunk? 🙂

    1. Thanks for your kind comments! I’m glad you enjoyed the beet greens, too 🙂

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