Autumn Is a Second Spring …


… when every leaf’s a flower.

(So says Albert Camus. If you don’t know who Albert Camus is, well … neither did I. Go here for more info … what? You’re saying I just Googled “autumn quotes” to find the quote in the title?? … yeah, ok, I suppose I did. I though about titling this post “Peter Tried To Tip Me Into a Lake”, but I figured that title was too long. Read on to find out why.)

Autumn is my favorite season of the year, despite having the misfortune to be followed by winter. Maybe it’s the cooler air, the leaves wearing every one of my favorite colors, the apple cider doughnuts, my birthday … and when I was younger, I loved autumn because it also meant the start of school. No, I’m not kidding. I was THAT kid.

Recently, Peter and I hightailed it up to Vermont to enjoy the beautiful colors unfolding on the slopes of Okemo mountain. For those of you not fortunate enough to live in the Northeast U.S., here is a taste of New England autumn:

Not sure what Peter is doing in this picture ...

Kayaking on a lake:

Stars in the water

While in Vermont, we also attended an event called The Big Buzz Chainsaw Festival (yes, you read that right). With a name like that, how could we not check it out?

The festival was full of people with chainsaws sculpting chunks of wood. This guy was really into it:

The carvers get together to carve this eight-foot bear, which was auctioned off for charity.

We may have picked up a little something to decorate our apartment … meet Baddie, the bear version of Maddie:

C’mon, tell me you don’t see the resemblance:

Finally, check out this short video for a look at our Vermont weekend. Pay attention around 1:20 to see why I wanted to call this post “Peter Tried To Tip Me Into a Lake” 😀

Stay tuned for my next post, in which I have food. Specifically, apples! 🙂

Q: What is YOUR favorite season and why? As I’ve said, Autumn is my favorite season, because it makes me happy. Remember, folks – happy … healthy … happy … healthy (hey, that’s the name of this blog!).

Edited to add: I’ve had a few questions about the music in the video. The first song is “Margaret’s Waltz” by Bryan Sutton and the kayaking song is “Straight, No Chaser” from The Complete Columbia Recordings of John Coltrane and Miles Davis. Finally, the Maddie-gets-attacked piece was written by none other than my brother-in-law, Dave! He wrote me and Peter an entire symphony for our first wedding anniversary a few years ago – I am SO not kidding. The symphony, and a piano piece he wrote for my Christmas present last year are hands-down the BEST gifts I have ever received. (Tangible ones, of course – marrying Peter was a pretty awesome gift, too 😉 )  Thanks, Dave!


  1. Hey my favourite season is autumn too!! Also because I love falling leaves better than flowers and because my birthday is in it, and because I like how the atmosphere seems to turn golden! Autumn in London is fantastic too! Especially Green Park (which is not so green as gold in the autumn…) And I like the cooler weather too!

    The pictures are fantastic 🙂 And since you did mention Albert Camus, you should read his book “The Plague”. And no it’s not what the title suggests, it’s a novel set in a city quarantined because of the plague, it explores human reactions to these extreme situations.

    Can’t wait for an apple recipe! I love apples! 🙂

  2. I love autumn, and judging from your photos it looks like autumn in New England is absolutely beautiful!
    We haven’t quite hit peak leaf colour yet in Southern Ontario so there’s still time here for me to take it all in!

    I’m looking forward to your apple post. Matt and I went apple picking on Thanksgiving and I’m not sure what to do with 25lb of apples :S

  3. Hello!!! October baby right over here, so of course, I LOVE Autumn. I mean, it’s just a beautiful season. The colours are amazing – who would’ve thought one basic colour could have so many gorgeous variants?!? It’s like everything is burning! Winter is nice but all that white can get monotonous 😉

    Oh, and I love apples and pumpkin too, surprise, surprise 😛

    I will be waiting for your apple post!

  4. I think Peter is doing the robot! Man, im liking him more and more everyday.

  5. Beautiful pictures!! I love VT! I’ve only been once but it was truly amazing… soooooo gorgeous!!

    What an adorable video! Yall are too cute!! 🙂

    Fall is most definitely my favorite season – hands down, no comparison!! It’s loaded with family, friends, food, and HAPPINESS! 🙂

  6. Beautiful pics! I’m jealous, I love New England in the fall! Loved the video and all the music background in it – it went perfectly!

    My fav season is prob tied b/w fall and summer. I love fall b/c of the leaves and the changing season and leaves and my birthday and Halloween. But nothing beats the ocean and warmth of summer!

  7. Great post Jessie! I enjoyed every part of this post from the beautiful autumn pictures to the super cute video. Please keep the videos coming!!! You and Peter are the most adorable couple I know on the blogosphere. I don’t want to sound like a super stalker, but I really enjoy and appreciate you sharing parts of your family time with us. It’s something very refreshing to see after reading food blog after food blog. And how cute are your dogs!!?? Cute interrupted butt shot too lol. That part made me giggle like a little girl. Good excuse about having to film ;-).

    So October baby eh? You going to tell us when your bday is or you gonna keep us guessing? I even tried to FB stalk your bday but no luck lol. Ok now I really sound like a crazy stalker. I better shut up before I get myself in trouble ;-). My fave season is summer, allows me to do more things with the kiddies. Being a mom is like being a kid again (sometimes) :-D. Hope all is well with you. Keep an eye on Peter, don’t need to see a wet happy Jessie 😉 Have a great rest of the week, Jessie!

  8. Autumn is my favorite season for all the same reasons…even school starting, lol (yup, I was that kid too 😉 ). Another great reason is that the holidays are coming! Such a fun time of year. Such pretty pics, Jessie! This season is my favorite reason for living in this part of the country. 🙂

    I can’t wait to see what you do with your apples!

  9. Autumn is absolutely my favorite season too! I have dreams of heading up to Maine or Vermont one of these days so I can experience a proper fall. I envy your proximity to these beautiful places!

  10. I always get a kick out of people waxing poetic about the changing of the seasons. Living in Miami, I would not know what that is. Here are our seasons hot, hotter, inferno, and not quite as hot.

    Awesome wood carvings. Looks just like your puppy.

  11. I see how it is. Come to VT and don’t even visit! =) It is definitely a big drive from the condo up to our place so maybe I can forgive you.

  12. I love spring, it has the sense of upcoming fun and warm weather while in summer it’s all over so fast 🙂 autumn is fun too until the grey, rainy days.. and winter.. don’t even get me started on that. NOT a fan 😀

    Gorgeous scenery, you two look so cute 🙂

  13. That Chainsaw Festival sounds like a blast! It is so funny how things like that exist. Who would have thought! I am glad you guys picked up you can always remember going there.
    I just love Maddie..she is just adorable!!

  14. The pups are so adorable 🙂 Great post, love the photos…
    My favorite is Fall 1. I hate the heat 2. I am a November baby 🙂
    However I live in California, so nothing is consistent…

    1. I’m a November baby, too! It’s really the best month, isn’t it? 😉

  15. You take Beautiful pictures, Jessie, you should make the pic Bigger! 🙂 (inserted as ‘full pic”) I love autumn too, my favorite season. I used to go up to New England every year to see the autumn leaves, that was quite an unforgettable experience. It’s also the time for pumpkins! haha

    have a great weekend, and enjoy this golden weather!

    1. Aww, thanks for the tip, Tou Tou! I’ll try that next time and you’ll have to tell me if it looks ok or not 🙂

      Have a great weekend!

  16. Autumn is certainly my favorite season too! But, I’m not able to enjoy it as much since moving to Texas. Thank you for those lovely pictures of the East Coast fall. Thank you for the kind words on my blog too…your thoughts are so appreciated!

  17. Oh my gosh Jessie, that first paragraph had me laughing out loud! I’d be lying if I said I haven’t done the same thing… 😉

    I also love fall, even though it means winter is coming. I love the colors, the crisp air, the new foods, and being able to walk around in jeans and a sweatshirt. That’s got to be my favorite ensemble (yes, I know, I’m a real fashionista). And of course, fall is super for running, which makes me happy.

    I was up in VT last weekend (but further south) and it really WAS beautiful! I love all the colors. And I love your new Baddie! So cute 🙂

  18. I never really liked Autumn, sad to say…because that just meant the warm days were over, and that winter is coming. Hey I’m a skinny Asian girl, I can’t stand the cold, and I almost got blown away by the wind once. (no lie, I was lifted a couple inches off the ground!)

    I was, however, a nerd like you. I always was happy to go back to school! 🙂

  19. Love this post!! And I love autumn too! is my favorite season!! Now in Chile (SA) we are in sping and is nice but some days is really hot, (near the summer) but really my favorite is autumn! lovely pictures, nice to meet you! gloria

  20. Wow, stunning photos! I’ve never been to Northeastern US so it looks pretty unreal to me! All those lovely colours 🙂 Where I live, Autumn means there’s more rain and most trees stay green all year round so it’s not quite so fabulous. I do enjoy the crisp air and wearing some nice layers and boots though. Autumn always makes me feel like a fresh, new time is here – it’s a good time to start new things and hop onto the next step. Your video was awesome and so cute!! I hope you can post more videos in the future! Cheerio!

  21. Ahhh, I’ve never been in New England in the autumn – only the summer. =( (Don’t get me wrong; it’s awesome in the summer, too. Just prettier in the fall :P)

    I’ve been to something like the chainsaw festival, only it was in Maine and not the main event at whatever festival we were at. But the wooden sculptures they made with their chainsaws were AMAZING.

    It’s so cool that your brother-in-law composed an entire symphony!

  22. Autumn in New England is the best. I totally wish I were still in Boston during this time of year. It’s just so gorgeous there.

    Now. About this birthday. I need you to (a) send me a cupcake/cookie/whatever request and then (b) figure out some way for me to mail cupcakes without them getting squished!

  23. I have never been to Vermont, but my best friend went there for college and I know it’s absolutely gorgeous. The outdoors just call your name out there, I love it.

    I have always wanted to be able to write music, or have some great musical talent. I’m so impressed with your brother-in-law. That’s so amazing!

  24. Gorgeous – the fall scenery and the 2 of you 🙂 I love fall, too…this October has just been GORGEOUS, despite the rain the past 2 days. I love everything about fall, but especially the weather change. The brisk nights with my windows open are so rejuvenating!

  25. I love all the autumn photos! Simply beautiful! And the video is great. Awesome music!

    Favorite season? It used to be summer (because I usually work less and we get to spend more time as a family). But I’m really starting to appreciate autumn. The toddler was born in autumn, so for the past three years, it holds a special place in my heart! 🙂

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