Clinical, Day 2

When I got home from clinical today, I looked like this:

Now, that is one tired girl.

I now have an even greater respect for professionals, dietitians or otherwise, who work in the health care field with people who are very sick. How they continue to see patients struggling with basic needs, even life itself, and not get constantly down in the dumps is amazing. I saw a patient today who is in such pain, yet he was so cheerful and kind it breaks my heart.

Anyhoo, it was a day of learning and growing 🙂 Peter has been wonderful about making delicious eats when I’m busy. He cranked up the smoker again and created some spicy chicken thighs.

The coating contained
* orange juice
* peanut butter (!!)
* peanut oil
* star anise, pulverized in our super-blender
* pasilla de oaxaca peppers (hot, baby!)

Unusual, no?

So, how was it? The chicken was moist and tender, and the coating had a nice bite, but the anise was a little overwhelming. That’s a strong flavor! Peter promised that he would put a little less anise in the coating next time.

I had my chicken with leftover Pesto Veggie Stacks.

To get in some whole grains (and just because), I enjoyed a little Barbara’s Shredded Oats and chocolate chips for dessert:

For those of you who have pets, have you ever noticed them expressing … jealousy? Bonnie has been with Peter for a long time (she predates me, in fact), and she guards her Peter closely.

Then, about 1.5 years ago, here comes Maddies:

Now, how can you resist cuddling a puppy like that?

Naturally, Bonnie is so jealous of the new arrival that she refuses to play with or acknowledge Maddie at all. So, imagine my surprise when I saw them playing with each other:

I could use some of that energy 🙂


  1. I could never work in health service, either. It’s such an intense job. Everybody’s in pain and cranky, and you’ve got to constantly deal with a pretty negative atmosphere. Totally admire people in the health service!

    Lol, didn’t know dogs experience petty “sibling jealousy”, either. So cute!

    1. I’ve learned a lot about people from our dogs 😉

    1. Maddie: Chomp chomp yap yap bark bark!

  2. Girl – you look HOT !! 🙂 I totally get what you are saying – I am around sick people all the time with my job – honestly it’s extremely emotionally draining – and a big part why I’m questioning if this is what I really want….but it does make me reflect. The hardest part is the dementia unit…Maddie is the cutest ever!!! I love Barbara’s – eat it like 3-4 times a day and chocolates galore 😉

    1. Haha, thanks! I admire you for working in health care — it certainly is difficult.

  3. Oodles of adorableness 🙂 I hope you feel more energized!

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