Connections Are Everywhere


For this post, I will attempt to connect everything I write to something I have mentioned in a previous post. That’s right: this post is all about ME, ME, ME. Don’t believe I can do it? Read on, my skeptic friend.

First of all, thanks to everyone who offered suggestions as to what we should cook sous-vide with Peter’s new creation. I’m excited to try some of them in the near future and I’ll let you all know how they turn out! In the meantime, Peter hauled his new sous-vide machine to our favorite restaurant: Forbidden City in Middletown, CT, so that he could show off his mad skillz demonstrate the sous-vide machine to our owner-friend, Eric. (As a side note, I previously wrote about the greatness that is Forbidden City here and here.)

Eric was so excited about the sous-vide machine, he immediately set it up in the restaurant’s kitchen to make a batch of “perfect” eggs. Here’s Peter watching protectively over his creation while Eric drops a whole carton’s worth of eggs in the hot water bath:

How did they turn out? With a little Asian-inspired sauce (created by Eric), this perfect egg was a creamy treat for our tastebuds.

Stay tuned for more exciting sous-vide adventures! 😀

Secondly: breakfast!

This patch-worked beauty employs my favorite four quadrant technique that is the hallmark of an indecisive Jessie. Check it:

Clockwise from upper-left: regular PB, chocolate almond butter (just for you, LeQuan!), peach preserves, and chocolate hazelnut butter. The peach preserves are the same preserves I alluded to in this post. I think they turned out well, don’t you?

Penultimately, check out my guest post on Lazaro Cooks! for a look at an unusual ingredient I learned to love in Hong Kong. And um, I refer to Hong Kong in this post. That’s a connection. Yes.

Last of all, Peter and I will be participating in an … event this weekend. This cryptic statement is a reference to a previous post, but I’m not going to name which one it is – bwah ha. For you longtime readers, you may recognize this picture from the aforementioned secret post. A hint, if you will:

Q: What is it, precious? Can you guess?

P.S. I’ve also updated some of THIH’s pages (Happy Jessie (slightly), Healthy Eats, Educate!). I can’t think of a way to connect that statement with a previous post. I am an imperfect being, after all.

P.P.S. Have a great weekend! 🙂


  1. Is someone becoming an American citizen? All I can think of is taking the oath?

    I am going to employ your quadrant technique the next time I am feeling indecisive and geometrically inclined. Very cute Jessie!!

    I hope you have a great weekend too. 🙂

  2. Oath taking is all I’m thinking of too?

    I love the toast idea and don’t know why I haven’t thought of it before!

    Hope you have a lovely weekend and that the ‘event’ goes well!

  3. Bravo to Peter for another great sous-vide dish. Thanks again for sharing such a wonderful dish with us on LC!

    Have a great weekend.

  4. I love your quadrant technique, woman! Haha, and thank you for including almond butter just for me, teehee. I’mma have to try that technique some time. Ok here’s an OCD question, did you use 4 different knives to spread those? Do you see how OCD I am? Lol. That’s the first thing that came to mind when I saw your quadrant. Oh gosh, I need help :-D.

    Are you doing another meat judging thingy? What could it be this time? You are a brave girl my friend.

    Looks like I’m going to have to come back and stalk you throughout the day to check out your new updates, but for now I’m going to check out your guest post on Lazaro’s blog. Stalk ya later 😀

    1. Haha, I should have KNOWN that would be your question, LeQuan! 😛 The answer is: I used THREE different knives to spread those four quadrants – I don’t discriminate between my chocolate spreads, the more the better! 😀

  5. Hmmm that picture does look like some kind of oath taking. You always keep me guessing 😛

    I love your four quadrant toast! I always have tons of PB jars open but I never know which I want. But why shouldn’t I have all of them at once!

  6. I’m baaaack….haha. Ok that wasn’t supposed to sound super stalkerish. Just finished checking out your updated pages and I must say, they’re looking good. You’re quite the organized person. Love your SAWIC cookies!

    And the most asked question shouldn’t have been how you got into nutrition. It should’ve been how the heck did you finish physics? Kudos to you for that girl. As much as I loved math, I hated physics. I never understood it
    for the life of me. Ironic that I married someone who aced all his tests lol. Anyways, great job with the updates! I likies!

  7. Darn Christina beat me to it! I sort of knew right away as I immediately thought meat and judge but couldn’t pull BBQ out of my brain till I saw Christina’s comment. So you two going to dash the hopes and dreams of some BBQ champion wannabe’s??

  8. Okay, Christina ruined it for all of us. 😉 But hahaha! That is SO freaking cool, Jessie!!!!

  9. I agree with the first person who commented. Either someone is becoming an American citizen, or you are in court and taking the stand! 🙂 I’m lost!

    The sous-vide machine is so cool!!! I would love to try one of those, but I’d probably break it…

    The multi-topping toast looks amazing, and probably tasted just as delicious as it looks. No? YUM!

  10. Just off the top of my head, would the event have anything to do with a bbq?!?

    I love your quadrant slice and I would never be able to do that because I can’t stand cross contaminating all my 4 spreads so I would need one knife per spread and then have 4 knives to wash just for one slice!!!!! Noooooo! LOL That’s how my mind works 😛

    You almost made it Jess 😉 A++++ for effort

    1. I was just telling LeQuan that I used 3 different knives for the four spreads (I economically spread the chocolate spreads with one knife) – and then made Peter wash them. Easy on me! 😉

      Have a great weekend, Denise!

  11. What a fun post! That 4-quadrant piece of toast is a great idea…I’ll be utilizing your method since I’m pretty indecisive too! 🙂 Hmmm…are you guys judging something?

  12. Ha! Love the four quadrant idea! Perfect for when you aren’t sure what you are in the mood for. Chocolate Hazelnut spread…delicious!! I can’t buy that or else I will eat the whole jar!
    Have a great weekend Jessie!

  13. Love the toast thing, I think I’ll just do it bite by bite the next time I have a bunch of different yummy toppings!

    By the way, did you ever taste tomato preserves? I remember Mom making them when I was little. I also remember craving her green tomato relish when I was pregnant with Andy! Slightly off topic, but still food…LOL

  14. Very creative! I’m impressed with your connectedness! 🙂

    Your peach preserves came out really good!! They look like they’re the perfect complement to all those nut-butters. And I know people have already said this, but my guess is also that you’re going to be a judge in some sort of food competition. Maybe not BBQ, but I’ll bet it’s similar. Have a great weekend! 🙂

  15. hahahahah at first I thought you are going to make a salty duck egg with that super cool machine 😉 But your version looks really good too!!! So interesting creation!

    I have never had a check-board toast. that totally knocks my socks off. On my sunday brunch list!

  16. You are just too much fun…Love the quad breakfast 🙂 And as for that lovely egg, I am intrigued by this invention 🙂

  17. I just found your blog tonight…and what fun this is! I love the way you spread your toast…you are cute and quirky! Thanks for sharing with us, and I’m always looking out for how to cook that perfect egg.

    1. Thanks for stopping by, Monet! 🙂

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