Domestic Bliss


As an independent young whippersnapper, I never knew how wonderful having a HOME was until I married. I love coming back to this:

Peter watching curling, the best Olympic sport ever.

(Note: Domestic bliss and independence are not mutually exclusive. But, of course you knew that.)

All I need is some delicious eats, and this picture is complete. Eats, you say?? Patience, young arthropod!

I enjoyed dietetics clinical today. I’ve figured out that if I look at each patient as a puzzle (with some missing pieces), figuring out how I can help out is an interesting game – a brainteaser, if you will. Of course, we never lose sight of the fact that these are real people with their own nuances.

I still find it difficult to detach myself from the diseases and other traumas that often land people in the hospital in the first place. For those of you who work in the health care field: how do you cope? Does it become easier with time?

After a long day, coming home was a treat. After taking the dogs for a walk and working out, I experimented with a new recipe (I may have mentioned something about it in a previous post … *wink wink eyebrow wiggle*). I feel so bad for doing this again, but I can’t share the recipe because I’m submitting it to a contest. But, it did have the following ingredients:

Some old favorites:

Aaaaand, this:


Hoo hoooo! I’m such a tease.

To make up for it, here is a recipe for fantastic cookies with sesame (!) in them. They look like this:

… and they taste divine.

“Goodnight my angel, time to close your eyes,
And save these questions for another day.”

My question for you: What is your favorite cookie? Tough one, I know! 🙂


  1. Awww, isn’t it interesting how thankful we become as we get older for such simple yet amazing things in life like seeing our husbands when we arrive HOME?

    My favorite cookies are oatmeal choc. chip from Whole Foods bakery. With their buttercream icing on top!!!!!

    1. It sure is!

      Those cookies sound great!

  2. Melanie (Dusty) says:

    Honestly, I could definitely live without cookies. Savory beats sweet for me every time….for example, I’d choose macaroni and cheese over a slice of cake. I never was a sweets person. Dave? He’d miss cookies every day if he couldn’t have any.

    Domestic bliss from married life is exactly what I’ve wanted for years and can’t have for a couple more years. *sigh* I’m trying to be patient, because I know I’ll enjoy it that much more when it finally happens. 🙂

    1. Aww, you and Dave are going to make such a cute couple. It will happen sooner than you think! 🙂

  3. The older, taller version of Pete…

    Me love hot chocolate chips
    Melt sweetly on me lips
    That why me make them staple
    Of me diet.

    Oh cookie, me love you from bottom of me stomach

    1. Knockoff cookie sucks!

  4. Awww, such a sweet post 🙂 And those cookies look like little bagels, so cute! My favourite is an oatmeal cookie stuffed with chopped walnuts, dried cranberries, and dark chocolate chips. Delicious but also somewhat healthy 🙂

    When I was in school to become a holistic nutritionist, many instructors would talk about doing the case studies as if you were a detective doing investigative work, piecing together all of the symptoms and getting to the underlying health issues, etc. However, holistic nutritionists usually help people who are already reasonably healthy and not extremely ill or hospitalized, so I can only imagine how emotionally draining and sad it is to work in hospital environment. I’m sure everyone eventually figures out a way to protect themselves so that they can give their all to the patients while staying strong, energized, and positive 🙂

    1. Walnuts, cranberries, and dark chocolate – yum! And full of nutrients 😉

      Thanks for the kind words, Lucy – I know it will get easier with time!

  5. Love your blog! Glad I found it from your comment on mine! And thank you for stopping by!

    I take it you’re a dietetics student doing your internship? It is hard to cope sometimes with the stories of patients, but it does get easier. I think any time you work in healthcare, you take home work with you. I’ve lost sleep over patients many a times. But I think it simply means you care : )

    And keep looking at people as puzzles, because it’s hard after awhile to not just go through the motions with the standard stuff. No two people are alike and tayloring your message is SO important!

    1. Thanks for the great advice 🙂 All I can do is work hard and stay positive!

  6. Hey Jessie! Thanks for stopping by my blog 😀 I love that white sesame cookies!! It looks like the crunchy cookie I had when I was in China, and I am actually thinking of making them these days!!!

    Good luck with the contest!! haha, can’t wait to see your real complete recipes!

    1. These cookies are actually a lot like the sesame cookies I’ve had in Chinatown! Yum!

  7. I think it is so hard to work in a health care field…I couldn’t possibly do it, so I really admire that about you.
    I LOVE sesame seed cookies, but they have to be un-sweet. You see, I don’t really like cookies that much…but I like them with sort of a less-sweet, asian twist…like green tea ones, or white bean cookies…if it has chocolate in it, I don’t like it!

    1. Thanks *blush* 🙂

      I’d love to try green tea cookies!

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