First day at school

Every time I start back up at school after time off, I feel like a little kid anxious (and excited) about meeting new people and starting new classes.

In reality, I can’t wait to get back and start some fresh material.  On the agenda are Medical Nutrition Therapy, Food Service Systems, and Counseling/Teaching for the Health Professions (this one should be really useful for what I want to do someday – counsel and teach!).  Since I’m in a Coordinated dietetics program, I’m also jumping into clinical, food service, and community internships.  I admit I’m sweating a little about those.

So today is all about organization.  Books, papers, pencils sharpened and neatly lined up in a row.

I promise, this will be all organized by tomorrow.

I admit, I like this part.  Do you remember getting clean new rulers and notebooks for school?  (My favorite was the protracter.)

I’m working at a dietitian’s office after school, so lunch will be quick. My go-to is a PB sandwich on whole grain and an apple. With a lunch like this, I know I will be packing in the vegetables at dinner. Butternut squash soup, cranberry goat cheese salad, roasted cauliflower – there are virtually tons of options.

Off to pack for school, like a good girl 🙂

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