5 Reasons Why I Love Colorado


1. Seeing my dad … and my sisters, I suppose.

It’s not often my sisters and I overlap on our visits to Colorado, but a few weeks ago, the stars aligned and were all in the same place! Part of growing up and moving away is that we don’t get to be together as a family all that often, so I enjoy those times, no matter how brief.

For example, I’m sure to encounter at least a couple of occasions where my sister Courtney does something I can tease her about. Like crying “Oh!” in the middle of a walk, pouncing on a patch of prickly-pear cactus, and harvesting the little fruits to make jam later.

Or gracefully chasing after stray cattle in our path.

Don’t think I don’t see you skulking off to the side there, Peter.

2. Eating home-cooked food.

And by that I mean home-cooked food that’s NOT cooked by me.

A perfect omelet, made by my dad:

Courtney’s polenta with tomato chutney:







And her homemade pumpkin pie with fresh whipped cream, made from an enormous pumpkin slow-roasted for hours.






And, of course, her homemade tart cherry jam, made from harvested tart cherries.

Seriously, if I’m ever stranded in the wilderness, I want Courtney to be my companion (sorry, Peter).

I did make a batch of Pumpkin Cloud Cookies for the fam (hey, an RD’s gotta bake!):

3. The Boulder Dushanbe Teahouse and Lucile’s.

Every time I visit my dad in CO, I beg ask to go to these two restaurants. Hang the hiking, skip the skiing … give me delicious breakfast and afternoon tea!

First up: the Boulder Dushanbe Teahouse. It was built by hand in Tajikistan and sent to Boulder “as a symbol of friendship and cultural exploration. The elaborate and creative teahouse now sits as a reminder to the citizens of Boulder to value cultural diversity, global cooperation, and international friendship.” (According to their website.)

Check out this beautiful ceiling!

I like to go for their afternoon tea. You choose your very own (!) pot of tea and are presented with a stack of delicious treats.

A rich black tea:

A cucumber salad amuse:

From bottom to top: Scones and mushroom puffs with fresh fruit, cucumber sandwiches and toast with a delicious spread, three kinds of desserts: pumpkin creme brulee, chocolate cake, and something else awesome.

Lemon curd, clotted cream, and strawberry jam:

We usually roll out of there too stuffed to move, and end up wandering around on Pearl Street in downtown Boulder for a while.

As for Lucile’s … imagine the most delicious Creole food you’ve ever eaten surrounded by enormous fluffy biscuits and perfectly-cooked beignets.

Already demolished biscuit.
Sugar-dusted beignets.

I ordered local trout, while Peter chowed down on shrimp ‘n’ grits.

Again, we usually roll out of there and eat lightly for the rest of the day. More tea, anyone?

4. Skiing.

I swear, I don’t grin all creepy-like in real life.

I learned to ski in the Northeast. Jiminy Peak in Massachussetts still holds a special place in my heart for being the first location I tied a pair of skis to my feet (yes, the skis were THAT old), the first hill I skied without landing on my face, my first between-trees skiing experience (where I did land flat on my face while my skis kept going, held onto my ankles my a string like a ski-shaped tether ball), etc.

But skiing in the Rockies … there’s nothing like it. Smooth-as-batter fluffy snow that almost never gets icy, trails that go on forever, views like none other …

Not the best pic, sorry. Taken last year when I wasn’t carrying an awesome camera.

5. Taking walks with views like these.


Q: Have you ever been to Colorado? What’s your favorite place to visit?


  1. AWESOME!! I love Colorado, but I need to go back so I can love it even more. I’ve only been to Denver and it was amazing. I wasn’t there nearly long enough though.

  2. Thanks for the posting, Jessie! I’ve never been, nor do I have family in Colorado, but I’m looking at a couple of residency programs out there. It definitely sounds like a great place to be. 🙂

    1. Good luck with your applications, Lanting! Let me know how things go 🙂

  3. Wow, this looks amazing! I have never been to Colorado, but after seeing your pictures I know I would love to go.
    I love that you were so close to cattle. Too cute!

    1. My family is from upstate NY, but my father moved to CO 7 years ago. We both definitely feel more at home in CO 🙂

  4. I like Colorado, too! I live here and I’m so glad to have found your website today because I’m really into being healthy and your recipes look awesome! 🙂 🙂

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