caption contests

Jessie: “Maybe if I go like *this*, the waiter will bring me an extra chocolate cake!”
Peter: “… get me outta here.”

Jessie: (with a British accent) “Hop along little fellow, there’s no need to stare! That’s quite rude you know!”
Peter: “What are YOU lookin’ at?”
(Christina @ Dinner at Christina’s)

Jessie: “Thanks for the delicious dinner honey, but after all this fried chicken I might as well start working out to burn the fat like, right now!”
Peter: “That’s what I get for being the husband of the THIH blogger…”

Jessie: “This meal just makes me want to dance!”
Peter: “Oh no, not the Muppet Dance”
(Samantha @ Bikini Birthday)

Jessie: “That was ONE awesome chocolate cake I just had. I think this deserves a happy dance.”
Peter: “I knew I shouldn’t have let you order the chocolate cake.”
(LeQuan @ luvtoeat)

Jessie: “Watch me subtly sneak into this picture”
Peter: “Did I just hear ‘click’?”
(Lele @ wild world)

Jessie: “Smile, Peter!”
Pete: “I’d rather be playing Heroscape.”
(Marie – love the inside joke!)

Peter: (yawn) “Say What!!!”
Jessie: “I said, now that we’ve finished that Fried Chicken, Noodles and Peas and the Skillet Scones, let’s go for a long run!”
(Aunt Joyce)

Peter: “I think that waiter is hitting on me.”
Jessie: “Aiya! not me!?” (@%$#$ in Chinese)
(Tanantha @ I Just Love My Apron)

Jessie: “Let’s do something fun, I will race to the door.”
Peter: “Oh dear god please help me.”
(Jodie @ Jodie Pilates)

Jessie: “I’m so excited for my meal, I could just dance all night!”
Peter: “Oh gosh, I hope she’s not in one of her dancing moods again…we’re never coming back here….”
(Gina @ The Candid RD)

Jessie: “Just dance!”
Peter: “What? You know you want to dance!”
(Azmina @ Lawyer Loves Lunch)

Jessie: “Didn’t I tell you this eatery would be worth your hard earned buckaroos!”
Peter (muttering): “Why is she always right”!?!
(Claudia @ Foodessa)

Jessie: “He’d better take the picture quick because I really have to go to the bathroom!”
Peter: “Is that a fly in my soup?”
(Joanne @ Eats Well With Others)

Jessie: “That sure was a great meal!”
Peter: *already planning the return trip*

Peter: “Does she have to photograph everything we eat?”
Jessie: “I know I can get that shot right, just a quick 20 or 30 more shots!”
(Chef Dennis @ More Than a Mountfull)

Jessie: “And THIS my friends, is me after a 12-course almond butter feast!!!!! Teeheehee”
Peter: “Thank goodness this meal is on Jessie.”
(Michelle @ Lucky Taste Buds)

Sample: “What? You say there’s a what behind me?”


“That dog may be huge to me but with that cute face, he ain’t scaring nobody.” (LeQuan @ luvtoeat)

“Imminent Death by Cuteness” (Tanya)

“What is that stink breath coming from! I can’t *stand* it!” (Peter – nice one, husb.)

“Ha! A giant dog? I’m not falling for that April Fools joke again!” (Ashley @ Food, Fotos, and Fun!)

“I’d pickpocket you…but it seems you don’t have any pockets!” (Samantha @ Feet in Motion)

“Hey Bugsy! I hope that’s your stomach growling!” (Speaking to his burglar accomplice friend!) (Em @ HomecookedEm)

(In Family Guy Stewie voice): “New Brian is such a tool! He’s so damn sweet and saccharine and perfect, and he’s turning the family into a bunch of douches!” (Darryn @ brio.gusto)

“What are YOU lookin’ at?” (Danielle @ Coffee Run)

“You didn’t tell Maddie about that time I borrowed her Pupperoni, did you?” (Andrea @ Can You Stay For Dinner?)

Pilot: Oh! Damn, uh! That’s a negative impact, sir! I repeat, that’s a negative impact!
Mayor Ebert: Negative impact? That’s the goddamned Chrysler Building!
(Godzilla!) 😀
(Mae @ Ohh May!)

“I tooted, you mayyyy not want to stand there, bud!” (Nicole @ PreventionRD)

“Why don’t I have legs so I can run!” (Claire @ Sweet ‘N’ Nutty Life)

“Maybe if I open my mouth like this, he’ll think I’m merely an inflatable doll dressed like a thief!?!?” (Michelle @ Lucky Taste Buds)

“Toot” (Angela @ Angela Loves Food)

“You looking at ME?!” (Naomi @ One Fit Foodie)

“Hee hee. The trick to robbery is to dress up like a toy. Just act cute. Act cute…” (Sophia @ Burp and Slurp)

“Hey Maddie, I’ll distract Jessie while you make a run for the peanut butter. There’s two. Grab one back for me too.” (Linda @ One Scoop at a Time)

“I know….we both want that peanut butter….” (Lynn & Christy @ The Actor’s Diet)

“That ain’t my tumm rumbling!” (Alisha)

“What are you lookin’ at?” (Lauren @ Biochemista)

“Hand over the peanut butter or the pup gets it!” (Diana)

“Oh man, we need a pill to shrink that monster!” (Savannah @ Light Delight with TouTou)

“Oh, god, there he is again…” (Ally @ Sweet & Savory)

“Who the heck tooted? I mean WHO?” (Noelle @ An Opera Singer in the Kitchen)

“Well, I really must not detain your Magnificence any longer or keep you from much needed rest. Ponies take some catching, I believe, and so do burglars” (Dave – nice one, brother-in-law. I’ll bet no one knows where this quote is from!! 😀 )

“I’m so cute and so is my mommy” (Averie @ Love Veggies and Yoga)

“Oh Nooo! that’s my competition behind me! I have no shot he is too cute and wayyy hairier!” (Ana @ An Active Adventure)

“Holy crap i am in trouble!” (Kalli @ Fit and Forty Something)

“I’ll say anything for some free peanut butter, as long as you don’t give it to the dog!” (Lara @ Thinspired)

Sample: “What?  Oh no, I don’t know her.”


“I think Maddie’s thinking about sneakily slipping out that door as you open it!” Darryn @ brio.gusto

“Please don’t step on me again!” Tina @ A Tina Bit of Faith, Fitness, and Fun

“Stop before you embarrass both of us!” Christina @ Dinner at Christina’s

“Cute tushie!” Nicole @ PreventionRD

“This is my new dance, the running man.” Naomi @ One Fit Foodie

“I’ve taught her to walk well.” Lucy at Sweet Spirit Shine

“Please, I do it way better!” Emma @ Midget Keeper Daily

“Please, you can’t fool me. I know we’re not really outside walking.” LeQuan @ Luv to Eat