I’ll See You in China!

I’m almost there! …By noon on Saturday, I’ll be on a plane to China! (Barring delays or other unseen obstacles – let’s just ignore those, shall we?)  The flight is about 13.5 hours long and there are no layovers (yess!!!).  So, how’s the packing going, Jessie?

See the small rolling bag that I’m tiredly sprawled across? That’s the only bag I’m bringing. I figure that I’ll be much happier not schlepping numerous heavy bags around China and Hong Kong. Oh, and China Southern Airlines (the airline I’ll be flying from Beijing to Hong Kong) only allows one carry-on bag. I’m also bringing a small backpack and hoping by some miracle I’ll be able to jam it all into the rolly bag when the time comes. Never fear, friends! My courage always rises with every attempt to intimidate me (I’ll bet you don’t know where that quote is from!!).

So, here’s the THIH schedule while I’m in China: I have super guest posts by some awesome bloggers going up over the next 2 to 2.5 weeks. I’m very excited about these because the posts are so darn good! And you don’t get to read them yet, nyah nyah nyah!! 😛 Hopefully *fingers crossed* I’ll be able to blog from China because I’m bringing my computer. Unless Beijing bans WordPress or I write something inflammatory, I should be able to add some posts of my own during those two weeks. After those weeks, I have a few pre-written posts going up, but again, I hope I’ll be blogging at that point, too.

As you can imagine, I won’t be around the blogging community much during the next five weeks because I’m determined to enjoy every last moment of my time in China and Hong Kong, seeing as this will probably be my only trip there, well, ever. I’ve been wanting to go to China and Hong Kong for such a long time, this really is a dream come true 🙂 I promise to completely catch up on all of your blogs when I return, even if it takes a long time.

I’ll leave you with a last THIH-made meal, without instructions, just pictures:

Finally, here is a link that my sister D sent me, presumably to get me excited for China: 16 Items They Only Sell At Chinese Walmart.

See you (hopefully) on the flip side!

Q: I will miss you. Will you miss me? 😀


  1. have an amazing trip!!! of course we’ll miss you!! and omg that dessert pizza looks amazing! im about to have some for breakfast after seeing this haha

  2. A. YES!! I will miss you! But I hope you have an amazing trip! …and be sure to head to Walmart to pick up a croc while you’re there 😉

    I love that picture of you sprawled across your bag! haha I’m impressed by your packing skills. I am a chronic over-packer, and would never be able to fit all my things into one suitcase (though I always wish I hadn’t brought so much when I actually get to my destination).

    Looking forward to reading your guests posts!

    Oh..and your dessert pizza looks amazing! 🙂

  3. Wow….WOW!! I am so excited for you!! Even though the packing process isn’t going to be much fun, you’re going to be so much more comfortable and relaxed with only one bag. I always try to just do carry-on when possible!

    Your pizza looks DIVINE. I’ve been wanting to make dessert pizza forever…and those photos have definitely encouraged me to get on that soon 😉

  4. Very smart taking only a carry-on. It can be a pain having to do laundry but not lugging around a giant suitcase is so worth it! Thats what Ali and I did for our Asia trip last month and I’m so glad we did.

    I hope you have the most fantastic trip Jessie!

  5. Dear sweet Jessie,

    My answer to your question is: I WILL MISS YOU LIKE NO OTHER!! My other readers will have to make up for your absence by being EXTRA-SWEET with their comments. 🙂

    I’m sorry that I missed the opportunity to guest-post for you. I meant to mention it earlier but I think I just always had too much to say in your comments section. Anyways, I’d love to do that — maybe when you’re back from La Chine (that’s how we say it in French) and need a blogger break? 🙂

    In any case, I’m SO excited for your trip, even if the plane trip length is a tad long!! And when you arrive, just remember…be careful with those street-side vendors, kay?

    Lots of loooooove,
    Aletheia xo


  6. I’LL MISS YOU!!!!!! Have a fabulous trip!! 🙂

    mmmmmmmmmmmm, pizza… 🙂

  7. DUDETTE! Do you even have to ask? Of course I will miss you! Definitely have all the fun you can in Beijing and HK without having to worry about blogging. Just relax and enjoy your time and the FOOD there. But I totally agree with Aletheia, be careful of the streetfood.

    Haha! Cute picture of you sprawled out on the suitcase. I’m sure your brain is equally as exhausted as your body trying to think of what to squeeze into your carry on. Good for you for not over packing. I could never do that. Although don’t forget you might want to leave room or bring an empty bag to bring back all the stuff that you’ll buy there. Or if worst comes to it, just buy another suitcase there…I’ve done that before. Lol.

    Both your pizzas look scrumptious! I think I’d probably eat the dessert one first as I wouldn’t be able to resist. Anyways, hope you have a safe and wonderful trip! Enjoy Beijing and HK Jessie! Don’t forget to take lots of pictures 😀 Safe travels my friend.

  8. Yes, I will miss ya! Now that is one looong flight, I sure hope that you can sleep on planes! Have a great time!

  9. Of course I will miss you! But I am very excited for you. It’s an opportunity of a lifetime and I hope you have a fabulous time. Don’t worry about blogging-do it if and when you want to, and it will be here when you get back along with all your readers. Just focus on having fun.
    The picture of you sprawled over the bag is too cute..That picture defines how I feel about packing.
    Have the best time love! Looking forward to hearing about it. xox

  10. you bet that we will miss you!
    Have a nice and safe trip, and good luck with the packing 🙂

  11. DUDE! I already miss you. And you haven’t even left yet.

    Have a SAFE trip. Be happy. Eat good food. And HAVE FUN. And don’t worry about us. We will still be here when you get back 😛

  12. GREAT looking pizzas!! Is that chocolate sauce on the second one?? Brilliant!

    you are going to have a blast on your trip. And yes, we will miss you VERY much, but that will make your return that much better! Distance makes the heart grow fonder 😉

    Bring back some great stories!! I know you will.

  13. Ha ha, I just ate my breakfast, and then clicked on that Walmart link and saw the crocodiles. No more appetite for Lucy 🙂 I’ve actually never seen a dessert pizza before, it looks good (and the toppings are so organized 🙂 ).

    Have a spectacular trip and take tons of photos!! One for every beautiful moment 🙂 I’ll miss you lots!

  14. Have a very very great and amazing time in China Jess!!! Of course I’ll miss talking to you and reading the blogs you post in real time (:P) but still a trip to China is a once-in a lifetime experience so try to make the most of it!!

    Lots of love and kisses!! xxx

  15. Jessie,

    Have a fun & safe trip. Hope you can sample some amazing food. Wish I could be joining you. My Asian adventure will just have to wait. It is on my list though.

    Look forward to your guest bloggers.


  16. Is that a dessert pizza? Yum! I can’t wait to hear about your trip. you will have the most kick ass time ever. I know my hotels on my trip have internet because I fear I will get so far behind in my blogging. I better do like you and ask for guest posts. Have a great time! Take pics and eat tons of good food!

  17. Of course I’ll miss you. Enjoy your trip and we’ll see you when you get back!

  18. Um, what kind of question is this?! OF COURSE I’ll miss you, Jessie! Be safe, have tons of fun, and hopefully China lets you blog! Will be waiting for your next post! 🙂

  19. I will absolutely miss you! I hope you have a safe flight and tons of fun in China!

    Your dessert pizza looks really delicious! 🙂

  20. I will definitely miss you! I hope we will hear from you! Enjoy your time and be safe!
    What did you use for that dessert pizza..melted chocolate or nutella?
    That looks delicious. I need to recreate asap!

  21. I’m about to have breakfast and I just know whatever I’ll have won’t be as good as that chocolate-pizza! I really hope you’ll add a recipe when you get back from China 🙂

    Have a great time and a safe trip there and back again!

  22. Aww…Jessie, of course I’ll miss the glorious sunshine that is YOU!!! Don’t worry, we will still be here when you get back so be sure you do enjoy every minute of your amazing journey!

    P/s – I am loving that chocolatey, fruity pizzatypethingy 😉

  23. I was just re reading this post, I hope you’re having a wonderful time in China!!! 😀 The quote in the beginning is Pride and Prejudice and finally useless knowledge of old literature comes in handy!

    That dessert pizza looks amazing. Mmmmm… as does the savory pizza

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