In A Fog


Driving into school this morning was eerie, and not just because the sun had already risen by the time I got up (very unusual).

As I approached the exit for school, a fog descended upon the highway and snowflakes hurled against my windshield. Behold, the fog:

The perfect temperature for both fog and snow.

By the time I finished class today, my brain itself felt a bit foggy. This semester we’re going to be working in hospitals and community organizations, as well as planning, cooking, and serving a group meal. At least I won’t be on my own!

On the way to work I had my PB sandwich in the car.

I promise I wasn't driving yet.

I don’t normally like to eat on the run, because that can set me up for mindless overeating. My husband and I like to savor breakfast and dinner so that we can really taste our food. Whenever I have a piece of chocolate, I try to see how long I can make it last. After several minutes of letting the chocolate melt on my tongue, I find I don’t need another piece.

However, I understand the necessity of multitasking while eating. I just try to keep it to a minimum.

I finished a jar of PB this morning, so tonight I was able to mix up a new jar with an old-fashioned PB stirrer my sister gave me for Christmas.

The stirring unit goes into the jar thusly:

After cranking a few times, the PB is mixed completely.

I can’t think of a better picture to end on.

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