Menu Planning: A Week in Review

A week ago, I vowed to keep better track of my menu plans for the week. I also vowed to share them with YOU, dear reader, as a way to keep me accountable.

And to show off our snazzy menu planning whiteboard. Can’t forget that.

If you recall, the original menu plan for the week was:

Day 1: Quinoa deliciousness
Day 2: Flatbread pizzas
Day 3: Tofu cauliflower stir fry
Day 4: Leftovers or FFA (free for all – we usually do this at least once per week for flexibility)
Day 5: Roasted duck with hoisin buns and Delicata squash
Day 6: Probably Golden Harbor
Day 7: Frittata or we’ll have people over

And remember, the days are interchangeable to allow flexibility.

So, how’d we do?

Day 1: Quinoa deliciousness.

Score! I made Joanne‘s African curried coconut soup with quinoa instead of millet and it was amazing! It was light, but filling, and leftovers were great for lunch throughout the week. Best of all, I threw all my leftover veggies into the soup, giving them new life as nutrient powerhouses!

Day 2: Flatbread pizzas.

Two for two! I topped Flatout wraps with tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese, garlic, oregano, and prosciutto. We ate Caesar salads on the side. I would say these pizzas were just so-so, because despite cooking on a heated pizza stone, the pizzas fell apart in our eager, grasping fingers. Part of that is because of the wraps themselves, which are not made to be pizza crusts.

I would have made crusts myself, but when I was grocery shopping by myself for the first time in a while last weekend, I saw them and though, “heck, why not try these?” I also came home with two pounds of spring roll wrappers. Not sure why.

This is why I shouldn’t grocery shop by myself.

Day 3: Tofu cauliflower stir fry.

… yeah, this didn’t happen. I forgot that (1) Peter needed to stay late at work, and (2) I had to leave early for choir practice. In the 20 minutes that we overlapped at home, we whipped up shrimp scampi and called it a night. I don’t have any pictures, but if you read this post, you can stare at shrimp scampi to your heart’s content.

Day 4: Leftovers or FFA (free for all – we usually do this at least once per week for flexibility)

I think we did this? It’s amazing how the memories erase themselves.

Day 5: Roasted duck with hoisin buns and Delicata squash

Once again, we overlooked the fact that we needed to be somewhere at around dinnertime (a U of I law school happy hour — hey, I didn’t say it was WORK-related). We ended up going to an Irish pub in Champaign with some friends afterward (hi, Jill!), where I happily chowed down on black pudding and the strongest Irish coffee I’ve ever felt burning down my throat while I coughed, eyes watering.

Day 6: Probably Golden Harbor.

Yup. Amazing how this one always works out.

Day 7: Frittata or we’ll have people over.

We’re having people over. I’ll share the menu later this week!

Overall: We stuck to the menu plan four out of five out of seven days — not bad! Note that I’m not aiming for 100%; rather, I want to feel comfortable with being more organized, as well as avoid that 5:30 “golly be, what’ll we have for supper?” feeling.

Next week’s meal plan:

Day 1: Roasted duck with hoisin buns and Delicata squash (pushed from last week)
Day 2: Baked beans with leftover pulled pork (preview of tonight’s dinner!) and “special” soup
Day 3: Tofu cauliflower stir fry (pushed from last week)
Day 4: Leftovers or FFA (free for all)
Day 5: Mac ‘n’ cheez with a “special” ingredient
Day 6: Curry chicken salad or Golden Harbor
Day 7: TBD (we might be having people over)

Here’s to another week!

Q: How was your weekend?


  1. Great job on the menu planning! Love that you are flexible but more organized.

    Your menu sounds great! I don’t usually eat pork, but the pulled pork sounds delicious!

    Have a great week!

  2. I’m very familiar with that 5.30 “golly be, what will we have for supper?” feeling…except in my mind I say “dinner” 😉 All the meals you mentioned sound lovely. I should attempt quinoa dishes more often – healthy and tasty and satisfying 🙂

  3. Oh yay! I’m so glad you liked that soup! It’s one of my favorites. When I menu plan it’s usually just a list of things I hope to make and then I make them when I have time…if I assigned days, sheer disaster would likely result. 🙂

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