Monday Munchies, Part 14: The Vegan Dinner Party

This post is a continuation of the Monday Munchies series, where I show everything I eat over the course of single day – in this case, yesterday (Sunday), i.e. the first day I remembered to do this in weeks.

As I mentioned before, since I decreased my posts from six days a week to three days a week, I’ve skipped Monday Munchies and Update Your Plates in favor of more recipes and nutrition discussions. And cartoons, always more cartoons.

So, here we are! Everything I ate yesterday:

Breakfast, 8:00 am:


Smoothie made with nonfat Greek yogurt, small banana, frozen three berry blend, carrot juice, spinach, raw oats, and water. Topped with a few Barbara’s squares.


PG tips English breakfast tea with a splash of skim milk.  Yorkshire Gold is still my favorite black tea, but Peter prefers PG Tips.  As we buy tea (among other things) in bulk on Amazon, we have a lot of tea lying around.

Lunch, 12:30 pm:


Clockwise from upper right: Roasted beet, cherry tomatoes, leftover pumpkin veggie lasagna, leftover spicy wonton from Golden Harbor. Served with a glass of skim milk.


The leftover pumpkin veggie lasagna was from a dinner party we had with some of Peter’s colleagues. Of the five guests, two were vegan and one was a vegetarian moving toward veganism.  I decided to bust out my favorite pumpkin veggie lasagna and make both vegetarian and vegan versions (recipe possibly to follow).  Attendees of our vegan dinner party enjoyed such delicacies as:

Eggplant tomato carbonata on whole grain toast squares
A delicious vegan pancake with veggies one of our guests brought with a spicy sauce. I’m ashamed to say I forget what it’s called. (Edited to add: It’s called okonomiyaki and the recipe is here. Thanks, Dara!)
Blue corn chips and smoky tomato salsa and hummus

Mixed baby greens with baby carrots and cherry tomatoes, dressing

Vegan/Vegetarian versions of pumpkin veggie lasagna

Vegan pumpkin pie ice cream
Pandan ice cream (not vegan)
Meyer Lemon ice cream (not vegan)
Wedding chocolate drops (decidedly NOT vegan)

And of course, plenty of wine.


After lunch: Mug of Yorkshire Gold with skim milk. Enjoyed with one of Peter’s magnificent peanut butter chocolates.

Snack, 4:00 pm:


Honeybell orange.

Dinner, 6:30 pm:


Clockwise from lower left: sous-vide chicken breast with a spoonful of pesto, salad with carrots/tomatoes/Annie’s Goddess dressing, Mexican Fried Rice (recipe from Lawyer Loves Lunch – delicious!).


And that all! Mostly balance, with some fun treats thrown in.

Enjoy your week, dear reader!

Q: How was your weekend? Did you watch the Superbowl?


  1. The lasagna looks good! And your dinner party menu sounds absolutely delicious! Lucky guests!

    Have a great week, Jessie!

  2. ohh, I want the recipe for Vegan Pumpkin Pie Ice Cream!

    1. Thanks, Dara! It was so nice to have you over!

  3. I watched part of the superbowl…and then grew too tired to watch anymore! I sure wish I could have had a plate of your dinner fare though! Wow! It all looks so very good! Thank you for sharing, sweet friend.

  4. I want to go to dinner parties at your place! The food all sounds awesome!

  5. Pumpkin veggie lasagna!?! That sounds delicious! I didn’t see the are going to post it?
    What a yummy day of eats.

    1. I’ll post it later on – I haven’t been posting as much lately 😛 I hope you’re having a nice week!

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