Monday Munchies, Part 19

This post is a continuation of the Monday Munchies series where I show everything I eat over the course of single day. These eats took place last Saturday (two days ago), when I remembered I had planned to do an MM without actually taking pictures for it.

Breakfast, 8:30 am:


Bircher Muesli topped with a tiny banana and fresh sliced strawberries. With hot tea.


After breakfast, we stopped by a plant sale at the University of Illinois’ greenhouses (the same we visited on this day), where we stocked up on enough $1 herbs to make me weep when I think of our spindly seedlings. Our herbs and tomatoes are all heirloom varieties, though, so we’re going to keep trying. I also bought my first ever orchid. I haven’t decided on a name yet. I’m wavering between:

* The Orchinator

* Mr. Pinkblush

* Archie Goodwin

* Orchid (in homage to the goldfish I had in college, named Fish)



We stopped by a local book sale, where I loaded up on future reads (thanks for all your suggestions in this post!), and Mirabelle, where we loaded up on pastries.


Clockwise from lower left: Cinnamon chocolate scone, croissant, brioche, chocolate croissant. I sampled a bit of each, then ate the chocolate out of the chocolate croissant.



Just like the last time we tried Mirabelle, I wasn’t crazy about the croissants. The scone was a little weird, too – a bit too much like cinnamon-flavored concrete for my taste. Perhaps that’s a sign I should bake more of my own? (Or make ask Peter to bake more. One or the other.)

Lunch, 1:30 pm:


BBQ tempeh wrap (recipe coming up!), sliced strawberries, skim milk.


After pastries and tempeh (which is — whew! — super-filling), I was not ready for dinner at its usual early bird hour of 6 pm.

Dinner, 7 pm:


Peter whipped up hamburgers with gorgonzola and roasted asparagus. I enjoyed mine over greens and with some sesame bread (delicious!) we bought at Mirabelle.


Burger topped with Peter’s homemade sauce:



One of these days, when I have a lot more time, I’d like to do a nutrient breakdown of a Monday Munchies. I have a pretty good idea of balance, but as an intuitive eater (mostly), I don’t usually consider the numbers. To be done … sometime in the future.

Enjoy your week, dear reader!


  1. Yum yum! Pastries are always so gorgeous 🙂 I like “Orchid” and “Archie Goodwin” haha…you have to follow your gut feeling, Jessie 😉

  2. Those pastries look so pretty, but I do adore a good bowl of muselei. I ate the very best while in Paris, and I still haven’t found that perfect recipe. I will have to give yours a try!

  3. Yeah, ask Peter to do more baking, that sounds good 🙂
    I can’t wait for the tempeh wrap recipe! I know tempeh gives me stomach issues, but I still eat it because I love it so.

    1. I think we have a winner!

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