Monday Munchies, Part 20: The Acrobatic Dog

This post is a continuation of the Monday Munchies series where I show everything I eat over the course of single day. These eats took place yesterday (Sunday). I prefer to show a mix of eats from weekends AND weekdays; however, lately I haven’t remembered to take pictures until the weekend before a Monday Munchy. As I like to do an MM every two weeks, I should probably start setting myself computer alerts or something.


Breakfast, 7:30 am:


I’ve still been enjoying Bircher Muesli every morning. Yesterday, I forgot to prepare my Bircher the night before, so I tried a quick soak in the morning. Next time I’ll add about half the milk the recipe calls for, to avoid this embarrassing picture of watery Bircher I’m now going to show you.


Yikes!  How about this picture of proper Bircher from earlier in the week?


That’s better.

Lunch, 12:30 pm:

After singing my heart out in church, Peter and I made our weekly trip to Golden Harbor.

green beans comfort soup chicken squid






From left to right: Blanched green beans with fermented white tofu sauce (really fantastic), a soup our pal Tina behind the counter calls “real comfort food”, spicy smoked chicken, curry squid.

My plate:


I had a few more pieces of the deep-fried curry squid, which were incredibly good but sit in your stomach like a rock.  Next time, I’ll know a few pieces suffice.

What about the acrobat dog part of this post’s title? Well, you already know Maddie is an escape artist and a doggie glutton. You may not know she can walk on her back paws halfway across a room. I’m not kidding. If I hold something edible just out of reach, she’ll follow me on her back legs, trying to pinch it from my fingers. It’s not an admirable talent for a non-circus dog; in fact, it’s rather a nuisance. Such as in this case:

IMG_7025 IMG_7024 IMG_7027 IMG_7023

Even if she didn’t have the trash can to lean against, she’d still have no problem pulling something out of there. And you know what she eventually pulled out of the trash? The discarded stem of a kohlrabi bulb. She snatched up that delicacy and ran off to enjoy it in peace.


It was about this time Peter said, “I think your picture-taking is encouraging this behavior.” To that, I say … maybe.

Dinner, 7:30 pm:


This batch of pictures has convinced me I need to bust out the tripod.  Dinner was a bit late, as neither of us were hungry after our Golden Harbor feast. I nibbled on mapo doufu leftovers, along with blurry sauteed spinach and roasted bell peppers. Served with a glass of sweet Riesling – I had to make sure it was palatable, of course.

I didn’t end up finishing the mapo doufu because I was still full from lunch. Too much fried at lunch means fewer veggies and lean protein at dinner. I think I’ve learned my lesson.

Finally, Peter and I split the first tomato from our Aerogarden batch.


Dear reader, it was terrible. Mealy and flavorless. I’m crossing my fingers the rest of them are better.

Q: How was your weekend? What do you use to keep yourself organized? To-do lists? Computer alerts? A date book?

P.S. Flowers are emerging!




Why, hello there Orchy.




  1. How do I keep myself organized…..
    1) Lists. Like this one. On paper and on my phone.
    2) A day planner and a To Do list for work.
    3) I live by my Gmail calendar. Which is organized into individual calendars based on subject, which are all color coded differently. But I’m willing to bet you’re not surprised by one word of this 🙂

    I love the flower pics – we have our first flowers blooming in our garden!

  2. I keep way too many lists, says Nick (and I agree). I’m not sure if it helps or hinders my organization!

    I didn’t tell you but I finally tried amaranth the other day. I LOVE IT! I’m hooked. I kept seeing it on your blog and meaning to try it. Thanks for the inspiration!

    1. I’m so glad you like amaranth! 🙂

  3. Beautiful blooms! I’m sorry that your first tomato wasn’t spectacular. I’m sure they will get better. Hold onto hope! And now I need to go buy some museli (and remember to let it soak overnight). Thank you for sharing Jessie!

  4. The pictures of Maddie are too cute!

    Still haven’t made Bircher Muesli; I think I’ll mix some together right now!

    Hope you are having a great week!

  5. I always wish we had exciting Chinese food like that here! Well, I’m sure there is but it’s way more pricier than the more boring take-out options.

    Maddie is so cute! My mom’s dog does that also. When you have food in your hand and she wants it, is the only time she will listen to commands or do any kind of tricks, ever.

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