Monday Munchies, Part 23: Seaweed, Figs and More


This post is a continuation of the Monday Munchies series where I show everything I eat over the course of single day (last Tuesday when I was constantly running around).

Still made time for proper meals, including breakfast, a.k.a. the day’s nutritional foundation!

Breakfast, 7 am:


Bircher muesli made with honey Noosa yogurt and almond milk. Topped with banana, fresh strawberries and chia seeds. Served with hot Yorkshire tea and skim milk.


Even though I’ve eaten Bircher muesli every morning for months, I’ve not remembered – or bothered – to make it the night before. As I mentioned in this post, I can throw together the ingredients 5 to 10 minutes before breakfast as long as I decrease the amount of liquid. Perhaps I should modify the original recipe?

Lunch, 11:30 am:

Peter has been joining me for lunch when I’m working from home. After a morning of huddling over Excel spreadsheets (a necessary aspect of developing school menus that conform to USDA regulations), I was ready for lunch. I was so happy to see Peter as he walked in the door, I nearly squeezed the air from his lungs in a giant bear hug. T-rex arms no longer, apparently.


We split this plate of tomato, mozzarella and fresh basil from our garden. I’ve enjoyed this combo several times since then.


Seaweed salad from a local Korean grocery store. It reminded me of a delicious seaweed salad I enjoyed in Beijing, only without the plethora of tongue-numbing Thai chilis. I’m still trying to find the appropriate seaweed so I can make this salad myself. Thoughts?


A bit of leftover curry from the previous night (recipe coming soon!). I also drank a glass of skim milk.


Finally, we split a chocolate cupcake made by one of Peter’s colleagues. She sent the recipe, so I’ll be making these delicious gluten-free cupcakes soon!

I had meetings all afternoon, including one I expected to last no more than an hour but ended up being three. It was like I was in a Star Trek time warp where each minute is tripled, because why not? It’s science fiction, after all.

By the time dinner rolled around, I was ready to triple my portions. That’s what happens to a Jessie without her mid-afternoon snack.

Dinner, 6:30 pm:


I made honey lavender pork loin with caramelized bananas last week. My only sorrow was that there was no leftovers for the next day. Curse my tendency to make small batches!


Served with a homemade vinaigrette over green bean and tomato salad, and a glass of skim milk.


Our fig tree is flourishing (albeit sucking up water like parched marathoner). Peter and I split our first ripe fig.



Q: What did you do this past weekend? Have you tried seaweed salad?

P.S. I’m still working on the underwater video from our Bonaire scuba diving trip. In the meantime, here’s a little taste of our night dive (a florescent anemone):

night dive


  1. Korean hmm I’ll be trying Korean food for the first time soon, quite looking forward to it!

    That fig looks yummy! I have a soft spot for figs as they’re my mum’s favourite fruit! I really hope your tree flourishes and produces lots of sweet sweet figs! 🙂

    What did I do this past weekend… went out for drinks at a bar in central London that had amazing views over the river Thames. I know where to take you next time you’re this side of the world! Also, last week bf and I went to Ciao Bella, an Italian restaurant. Is that the one you had been to the evening before we met? Or was it Bella Italia you had been to? I hope it was Ciao Bella because the food was delicious. I particularly loved prosciutto e melone, with a bit of freshly ground pepper on top! 🙂

    1. Thanks for the figgy good wishes! 🙂 I can’t remember the name of the Italian restaurant – I’ll have to find out from Courtney. Glad to hear the food was delicious, and that the prosciutto e melone was particularly tasty (I could eat some of that right now!) 😉

    2. Hi Christa! According to Courtney, the restaurant we went to was Ciao Bella (!) I remember it was delicious – although I don’t remember it as well as I should because I was so excited to be meeting up with you! 🙂

      1. Haha Now that’s cool!! It was lovely, I’m sure you must have liked it! Awww it was so great meeting you!! 🙂

        1. You, too! Come to Illinois! 🙂

  2. I haven’t tried seaweed salad before but I’ve always been intrigued by it…and this weekend was full of family, friends, and good food. All in preparation for little Lucy! Your eats looked particularly good this Monday. I loved seeing all the fresh produce. Thank you for sharing!

  3. I LOVE seaweed salad and have always wanted to make it! If you figure out what the right seaweed is let me know!

    I may be a weirdo but I would probably get excited at the thought of creating school menus. I’m sure it’s exhausting though.

    1. Making the menus is fun! It’s the documentation and ever-changing federal rules that are a little less fun 😉 If I find the right seaweed I’ll definitely let you know!

  4. I tend to cook huge portions so that we have plenty of leftovers. However, often I’m the only one excited about them. I could eat the same meal over and over, the rest of my family not so much … 😉

    I’m jealous of your fig tree! Enjoy!

  5. Just started reading your fabulous blog, and can’t tell you how much I’m enjoying your photography, your hilarious write-ups, and your insights on foodliness.

    I just bought a chia seed product for the first time yesterday, a blend of chia, buckwheat, and hemp ( I thought I’d try it out as a quick supplement to breakfast, and didn’t really read the fine print in the store before buying it. This morning, though, after chomping through a couple of tablespoons with yogurt and a banana, I saw that the label claims that the product “will expand 16 times its original size” in your stomach. That seems…worrisome. Can this really be true? And if it is true, could it really be a good thing? I understand it’s meant to be appealing because it makes you feel full, but isn’t there some danger of…I don’t know, balloon-stomach?

    1. I had to laugh at “balloon-stomach” – and don’t worry, you’re not in any danger! I checked out the link and noticed the serving size is 2 tablespoons, so I think you’re covered. And amazingly, our stomachs can expand to many times original size. I’m not sure if I’d want a stomach full of gelatinized chia seeds, though. Sounds uncomfortable. Perhaps stick with a single spoonful; or, if two tablespoons doesn’t both you, chomp away!

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