Monday Munchies, Part 26: The Giant Sunflower

Remember these tiny plants?


The title of this post says it all. Things have gotten a little … out of control.


The only way I can reach the top of the tallest sunflower (about nine feet in height) is by standing on the deck. All five surviving sunflowers have grown taller than Peter.


I suppose I should thank Peter for destroying half my sunflower crop. There’s no way these giant plants would fit in our garden with the tomatoes and kale. None of the plants have flowers yet, but soon we’ll have more sunflower seeds than we know what to do with.

Meanwhile, Maddie hides under the tallest sunflower


and races across the lawn toward her favorite treat: a green bean.

IMG_8732 IMG_8733 IMG_8734 IMG_8735






Let’s get a close-up of the third picture in this series.


That’s the face of intelligence, folks.

Monday Munchy alert!

This post is a continuation of the Monday Munchies series where I show everything I eat over the course of single day – in this case, yesterday (Sunday).

Breakfast, 7:30 am:


Bircher muesli with blueberries, raspberries, 1/2 peach and chia seeds.


I eat meals around the same time every day, whether a weekday or weekend day. Keeping a consistent sleeping/eating schedule is key for feeling your best. You know that sluggishness you get after staying up and waking up later than usual? Even weekends need regular bedtimes (even if you’re tempted to catch up on Game of Thrones at 3 am).

Lunch, 12:30:


Deconstructed open-faced roast beef sandwich with mayo, horseradish and a pile of lettuce (a little easier to see than on this day). Served with a salad of bell peppers and tomatoes topped with toasted almonds, and a glass of skim milk.

A bite of gluten-free chocolate cake for dessert:


Snack, 4:30 pm:


A spoonful of Adirondack Jack. I’ve been conserving this special nut butter.


Ice water with a splash of orange juice = a tasty way to stay hydrated.

Dinner, 6:45 pm:


Peter made a fantastic spicy laksa soup with shrimp, tilapia, broccoli, onions and his special secret dumplings. I’m sorry I can’t share the dumpling recipe. It’s good stuff.

An inch of Peter-made chocolate bar for dessert:


Have a great week, dear reader!

Q: How was your weekend?


What am I going to do with pounds and pounds of sunflower seeds?


  1. Make pounds and pounds of sunflower butter! Oh yum, I love that stuff.
    I only wish Nick were as great of a cook as Peter. I’m so impressed with that soup (there is tilapia in there?! Amazing!). I agree, eating at the same time on most days is key to feeling your best, which is why weekends tend to throw me off (my schedule is always off!).

  2. Oh look at those sunflowers! How exciting! Make sunflower muffins! And that bowl of blueberries and muesli looks so very good. I must be hungry because I was drooling by the end of your post! I wish I lived closer so I could sample those secret dumplings myself. Thank you for sharing!

  3. I can’t believe how enormous those lovely flowers are! Looks unreal. I really really want to eat a Peter-made chocolate bar! It looks delicious and also quite classy 😉

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