Monday Munchies, Part 3


There’s one thing I’ve learned that makes mornings easier. Especially Monday mornings.

The THIH breakfast principle:

Choose something light and energizing for breakfast, and stick with it.

Taking all the guesswork out of breakfast means you’ll get out the door faster and still be properly fueled. For those who like variety (like me) set up a rotation of healthy favorites, like these:

The Unintentional Pancake – Protein-packed and great with fruit.
Banana-Sweet PB Balls – Perfect for when you’re on-the-go.
Ye Olde Favorite Banana Crumb Muffins – An Oldie-but-Goodie

And more to come in the next few weeks!

I follow my own principles, so this Monday Munchy (everything I ate over the course of a day) has a very familiar breakfast. Behold, everything I ate last Monday:

Breakfast, 8 am:

Smoothie with nonfat Greek yogurt, 1/2 fresh peach, 1/2 banana, 1/3 cup frozen blueberries, 2 tablespoons raw oats, handful raw spinach, water. Unpictured: Coffee with skim milk, Brazil nut, spoonful peanut butter.

Beautiful sunny day.

Lunch, 12 pm:

Look familiar? I took these pictures three days after the last Monday Munchy, so I still had leftovers of my creamy pasta Alfredo (recipe here) with fresh ground black pepper. Served with fresh raw carrots and tomatoes and a tall glass of skim milk.

Finished with a handful of crisp spiced pecans:

A mug of Yorkshire Gold with a splash of skim milk. I always leave the tea bag in because I like my tea extra strong.

Snack, 4 pm:

My favorite Chobani flavor, passionfruit. So good!

Dinner, 6:30 pm:

Sweet ‘n’ sour noodles with crispy tofu (recipe coming up!). Check out the crispiness:

Ended the day with a square of date cake:

And an inch of leftover Muscato from our dinner party the week before:

Not bad for a Monday!

Q: What’s your favorite breakfast? Do you prefer your breakfast sweet or savory?


  1. My breakfast every day consists of 2 eggs and either two slices of toast or a hamburger bun (in egg sandwich form in this case, topped with Frank’s). Today I had a small turkey sandwich on rye with mayo and a slice of zucchini bread that someone in the office made. For dinner I had some stromboli, which was comprised of 1/2 skim mozarella, green olives, chorizo and tomato sauce…

    Methinks my diet is missing an important food group…

    And it isn’t beer, I had two of those as well. At least my calories aren’t high! Maybe a multivitamin will fix me.

    1. Hopefully the eggs are fried, otherwise I know exactly which group you’re missing.

    2. If you and Allie come to visit, I can rectify your deficit! I would say “we”, but I know Peter would just smoke you a brisket or something 😀

  2. I have been skimming your gorgeous posts since dad has been in the hospital with no time to respond or do much. I have a friend that loves the Yorkshire Gold. We can buy it in Edmonton now and she is thrilled. I am not so over the moon about it – but that is just me. Love the Muscato for breakie!

    1. I’ve been thinking about your and your family and wishing for the best — take all the time you need! Best wishes, Valerie!

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