Monday Munchies, Part 8

A continuation of the series where I document everything I ate over the course of one day (last Saturday – two days ago):

Breakfast, 9 am:

In the mix: Noosa yoghurt with 1/2 banana, frozen blueberries, Barbara’s squares, and chia seeds. A mug of Yorkshire Gold with milk.

Breakfast was later than usual. Peter and I bought a new bed customized it to make it awesome (see future post on how we did this). Let me tell you: this bed is SO comfortable. I’ve been sleeping almost 9 hours a night. I don’t think I’ve done that since I was a baby.

Late morning, we went to the famous Champaign Surplus Store sidewalk event, where I bought a shirt for >97% off. I have the price tag taped to my wall because that discount is unreal. Lest you think taping a price tag to my wall is weird, I should tell you about the time Peter proudly taped a Stop & Shop receipt to the door of his dorm room and left it up the entire year.

Why? Due to a combination of coupon doubling and stacking, his cart of frozen pizzas and Scooby snacks came out to $0. Peter loves a good deal.

What was that Dr. Seuss quote?

We are all a little weird and life is a little weird, and when we find someone whose weirdness is compatible with ours, we join up with them and fall in mutual weirdness and call it love.”

Not only are we mutually weird, we don’t buy mass quantities of frozen pizza anymore, so I’d call that a double win! Speaking of win, check out these pastries:

Chocolate croissant.
Blueberry scone.

After my 97%-off purchase, we visited a bakery in Urbana that a friend recommended:

The brioche and scone were excellent! I agreed with Peter that the croissant was too doughy, which is a huge black mark in Peter’s book. He cast it to the side in disappointment, and I proceeded to pull out the chocolate. I also ate the tops off the brioche and scone (the best parts, in my opinion).

After these pastries, we didn’t feel hungry for lunch until around 2 pm. I wrote yesterday that we went to Golden Harbor for dinner, which is partially true. We actually ate there for a combo lunch/dinner (linner? dunch?).






From left to right: Pork and green beans in black bean sauce (my favorite!), orange chicken (Peter’s favorite), beef and bamboo shoots in garlic sauce, my plate (several times over).

After such a late and large lunch, Peter and I enjoyed a light actual dinner. I decided to have Breakfast #2:

Nonfat Greek yogurt, frozen blueberries, 1/2 banana, raw oats, chia seeds, water.

And a bit of bread rosemary olive bread we bought at the bakery.

Now THAT’s beautiful presentation.

In general, I prefer my largest meal in the middle of the day and something much lighter in the evening, like this day. Between packing lunch some days and wanting to enjoy a full meal with Peter at dinnertime, that’s not easy to do. Also note that I’m very flexible with my eating — I wanted a smoothie for dinner, so I had it, despite not qualifying as a “conventional” evening meal.

Happy Monday!

Q: Do you prefer having your largest meal in the middle of the day or in the evening?


  1. I love that Dr Seuss quote (and those pastries!). I think in Russia it’s more traditional to eat the largest meal for lunch rather than dinner, but that’s probably changed now.

  2. I love a good deal too, and thankfully I’m teaching Nick to be a deal seeker too. I love it.
    I like my biggest meal in the middle of the day, I suppose, but in reality I can’t eat really large meals without getting a stomachache, so my meals are always snacks throughout the day, some larger than others. Really breakfast is my biggest meal!

    I just noticed your cartoon below. I LOVE IT!

    1. I LOVE big breakfasts!

  3. WOOT WOOT on all of your savings! 97% off IS unreal. I almost don’t believe you. 😛

    All of those pastries! Swoon.

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