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I’ve been a registered dietitian for over a decade and love sharing what I know. My favorite part of being a registered dietitian is helping people identify and reach their health goals. Looking for nutrition inspiration? Browse the posts below for a collection of nutrition tips and facts.

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Breakfast and Weight Loss: The Facts

Should you skip breakfast to lose weight, as some recent articles suggest? Not so fast! Let’s take a closer look at the controversy surrounding this topic. The Controversy As with many hot-off-the-presses nutrition claims backed by “real” science, this breakfast-vilifying conclusion is perfect for stoking discussion (great) and for generating grabby headlines that mislead readers…

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Five Things with which I am Moderately Pleased, Part 2

1. The FDA’s proposed changes to the Nutrition Facts label. This tidbit has been all over the news this past week. The FDA’s proposed changes to the Nutrition Facts label would be the first major modification since 2006 when the administration added trans fat. The changes reflect the latest research into diet and chronic disease…

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A Weighty Matter

Today, I’d like to talk about a subject I’ve never discussed on THIH: weight. I hesitated writing this post because there’s a lot of sensitivity surrounding the subject. As I wrote in my FAQ, I feel our society has too much of a fixation on weight. For both women AND men, there exist strong external…