One Fish, Two Fish …


Yo yo, my THIH homies!

Yes, I realize that I was gone for over a week and a half. Why? Perhaps you were wondering why, in my last post, I was gazing at pictures of tropical oceanscapes and eating my way through our perishables? Well:

That’s right! Last week, I was taking a last minute vacay! Due to an unexpected obligation in August, Peter and I were obliged to move our yearly vacation up – to last week. While deciding where we wanted to go, we both looked at each other and said “scuba diving!” Last week, we traveled to the Caribbean island of Bonaire for the fifth time (yes, we love it so much in Bonaire, we’ve been scuba diving there every year or so). Bonaire is part of the Netherland Antilles ABC islands (Aruba, Bonaire, Curacao). Unlike its party-hearty neighbors, Bonaire is quiet and slow-paced – and perfect. The people are friendly, the diving is cheap, and the food is outta this world (as you will see)! Of course, the coral reefs themselves are gorgeous due to Bonaire’s location in the heart of the Caribbean’s nourishing ocean currents, but outside the hurricane belt.

So! I’d love to share with you some of my favorite underwater photos of the gorgeous and pristine Bonairean reefs. If you don’t want to see pictures of fish, skip down a few scrolls of the mouse until you hit the food.

(All underwater pictures taken by Peter, photographer extraordinaire.)

Here I am, giving the OK to descend!

Sea anemone:

French angelfish:

Brain coral (!!):

Goldspotted moray eel:

Orange frogfish – very rare, and hard to find!

Lettuce slug:

Christmas tree worm:


Pink flamingo tongue:

Bristle worm:

Tarpon – we saw dozens of tarpons in large schools when we dove on the “wild” east side of the island:


One of the many pictures Peter took of himself while testing the camera’s underwater flash:

Above water, Bonaire is gorgeous, too:

Wild donkey:

The boat dive signup board. In case you’re wondering, Peter and I are “101” and “102”.

Dutch cheeeeeeeese:

Peter glaring … and cradling a loaf of bread.

You’ve heard of museli, right? How about …


The fruit is so CHEAP in Bonaire. Passion fruits are, like, 4 bucks each at Whole Foods. In Bonaire, I can get half a dozen passion fruits for the same price. I could gobble down 12 Whole Foods dollars worth of passion fruits at once. And I did.

Now, some of the food!

Mouthwatering red snapper from our favorite Bonaire restaurant, Paradise Moon:

Obligatory food action shot:

Peter reflecting on his full belly:

Kabritu stobá (goat stew) from the local food joint, Maiky Snack:

Cornmeal-based funchi:

Even the plane ride back offered a heckuva view:

Yep. We had a great time 🙂 Notice how in the first picture I’m toting a huge underwater video camera? Check out this short piece I created for Connecticut Public Television a few years ago for an inside look into the coral reefs of Bonaire (all the video footage is mine, so no takies, ‘k? 😉 ) :

Q: Where is your absolute favorite place to go on vacation?


  1. Wow! What an amazing trip! I have never been scuba diving but I would love to one day. Add it to my bucket list. haha.
    I mean I wouldn’t call it a vacation cause I only went once, but I would lovev to go back to Italy. It was just breathtaking!

  2. Wow! I’m so jealous. Looks like an amazing place.

    My favorite place to vacation is TX, I can’t help it, being away from family just makes it that way.

  3. I’m happy you got to go away! It looks like you had a great vacation. I’m so jealous- I would love to get away to such a gorgeous place for a while. Glad you had a good time.
    The fishy pictures are gorgeous. I have been scuba diving once in my life and I had an awful experience. Since then, I’ve been terrified to do it again. I was pretty young and it was my first time, but I’m still kind of embarrassed about what happened. My ears were really hurting from the pressure change and I was in so much pain that I somehow let go of the oxygen mask…and then there was water in it. I had trouble getting it back and I couldn’t breathe for a while. I literally thought I was going to die. Anyway, I obviously made it through the experience, but I’m not sure if I’ll ever be able to scuba again. (Even if it’s only to avoid the ear pain…do you experience that?) It’s too bad because the pictures are so pretty and they make me want to give it another shot!
    Anyway, thanks for sharing and welcome back! xo

  4. What an amazing last minute vacation! I must admit I am quite envious of all these beautiful ocean shots. I would love to check this gorgeous place out!

    My favorite place is Paris. I want to live there and eat Nutella and french bread all day long.

  5. one fish two fish, and a DONKEY!! haha .. or ass, whatever u wanna call it lol. CRUESLI!!??!! that is way too funny! i wish we had some cruesli here!! .. wait why is it a ‘C’ .. is that for cranberries? so strange lol

    xoxo <3

  6. Hey Jessie!

    When you told me you were going on vacation, I was going to ask where cause you had just got back from China, but I didn’t want to pry. Although China is beautiful and all, it’s never really a vacation unless your other half is there eh? Well, at least that’s the way I feel.

    Bonaire is such a beautiful place. I don’t travel much and my geography sucks so I’m ashamed to say that I’ve never even knew such a lovely place existed until now. Thank you for introducing me to it. Judging from the beautiful pictures, looks like you guys had a great time. I’ve never been scuba diving, but would love to one day. Only thing is, I have a huge phobia of snakes and am afraid I may bump into a water snake or eel. Haha. Good thing is, at least people will not be deafened by my high shrieks of terror ;-).

    I actually had to stop reading to calculate the number of passion fruits you ate. Lol. Oh and Cruesli? Hahaha! Too funny! Anyway, glad to see someone had a relaxing, fun summer. And glad to see you back safe and sound. Great job with the video by the way. So professionally done. I had to rewind the last part a bit as I had trouble reading what was on the sign you were holding. Great idea on how to end the video! Job well done Jessie!

  7. PS

    I don’t travel much, but I think my fave place to travel is HK for now. When kiddies get older we are definitely traveling more. Love the food in HK. You’d think I’d be sick of Chinese food by now, but nope 😀

  8. Hey Jessie!! Glad to see I didn’t miss a single post of your blog while I was away on holidays! 🙂

    The pictures are wonderful! 🙂 You Americans are so lucky to have the Caribbean so close to you! The pictures of the fish and the coral reefs (a brain coral???) and of Bonaire’s nature make me wish I was there this instant! And Peter’s underwater photographic skills are very good indeed!

    My favourite place to go on holidays is Corfu,Greece. I was there for the past ten days, and I aim to go there every year. It’s the greenest island in the Mediterranean, has amazing beaches and a wonderful history with the venetian influence apparent on architecture and music. As for the food, it’s delicious but I am not sure if you would approve of the combination of protein and carbohydrates involved, though I’m sure you’d appreciate a spot of kumquat liqueur afterwards 😉

  9. What a beautiful vacation!! 🙂 Glad yall were able to spend some time together having lots of fun in the deep blue!! 🙂 Gorgeous photos!!!!!

  10. Wonderful photos. Glad you were able to getaway and take some time off.

    Be well

  11. Your scuba diving pictures are incredible, Jessie! It sounds like it was an amazing experience!

  12. I know there’s something wrong with me when I loved the “Dutch cheese” picture the most 😀 haha. Cheese addict!

    Your holiday looks like a lof of fun and the views are so beautiful – I’ve always wanted to go to Caribbean and even researched the ABC Islands this spring but then we ended up in France 🙂

  13. Glad you had a wonderful time with Peter in the CARIBBEAN!!!!! Great pics – the lettuce slug looks as beautiful as it sounds ugly 😀

    I haven’t taken any breaks lately but I used to go to the Maldives a lot when hubs was working there before. It became my favourite vacation spot after 8 years of to-ing and fro-ing *SIGHHHHHHHHHHHHHH* Though I guess it was a vacation for me and the kids only, not for hubs 😉

  14. Favorite place for vacation is really Singapore, of course 😀 I was so lucky to make it there this summer, and YOU are so lucky to go scuba-diving!!! you sure had a lot of fun…and great pictures!! I’ve always wanted to go scuba-diving someday!

  15. You are just doing so much traveling lately! Can I tell you, I am JEALOUS! I would love to go somewhere exotic and go scuba diving. It just looks so beautiful, I love it. The picture of Peter’s eye under water is great, haha. I wish fruit was cheap here like it is where it is plentiful. I try to hit the sales as much as possible!! Strawberries have been on sale around here lately and that makes me very happy 🙂

  16. it looks like you had such a great vacation! thanks so much for sharing all those beautiful pictures with us!

  17. What magnificent photos and what a magnificent adventure. Isn’t life amazing? Who knew you would be able to experience such wonders of nature. It must have felt like you were exploring an alien planet down there. Such a sacred experience. Thank you for sharing and enlightening my day!
    :)I apologize for not keeping up with my readings. We left for Paris mid July and are currently in Belgrade. We’ll be home sometime next week – and I cannot wait to be home. I love to get away, but going home is just as exciting. And this time, In have had so many fascinating culinary experiences, that I cannot wait to practice in my kitchen at home!

  18. Amazing photos. I wish I could go for vacation now but I have to work.
    My favourite place are greek islands.

  19. Welcome back Jessie! Was wondering why there was only 1 post of yours to catch up on. Looks like a great place to go! My fav place is California as most of my family is there. Because of that I’ve never been anywhere else on vacation.

  20. Whoa those underwater pictures are awesome! What a fun vacation. Although I am seriously glad you’re back…I was going into withdrawals. Again.

  21. Amazing photos!!! I’m glad you got a chance to get away with Peter 🙂 The island looks absolutely beautiful. I think I know where I want to go on my next vacation 😉

    Also, thanks for sharing the video. It showed another level of the beauty of the place. Plus, it was fun to hear your voice. 🙂

  22. Wow, that sounds so much fun!!
    I had never even heard of Bonaire before. I’m usually more of a “mountain” person than a “beach” person when it comes to vacationing but scuba looks awesome.

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