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Q&A | Jessie @ The Happiness in Health

As promised in my last post, I’ve written a Q&A about our recent move, with an added bonus of answering some of the “what in blazes have you been up to?” questions I frequently ask myself.


Q: Where has the time gone, oh wonderful Jessie?
A: Haven’t a clue. One minute I was standing in front of my MBA classmates giving my first presentation (looking quite polished in a snazzy suit, I must say), and the next, I was lying half-awake on a playmat while a toddler calls from the next room that he needs to use the bathroom again and an infant desperately inches toward the trachea-sized chunks of Playdough the toddler scattered helpfully around the room. Oh, and there are palm trees flourishing outside.

Q: You’re in Florida now? Um, why?
A: Peter‘s job.

Q: Are there any moves I don’t know about?
A: I highly doubt it since, you know, you’re me. But in my sleep-deprived state, I wouldn’t discount the possibility that I’ve forgotten entire chunks of my life.

So, yes, we’ve moved a few times in the last couple of years, including for a six-month stint in San Diego. My memory of that time revolves around lying sprawled on the couch with morning sickness just as bad as last time while trying to keep Toddler J amused with books and butchered renditions of Aloha ‘Oe on the ukulele. I seem to spend a lot of time lying sprawled on various surfaces.

Gorgeous picturesque beaches in San Diego, though.

Q&A | Jessie @ The Happiness in Health
If only I could find one of those pictures.

Q: How are the kids adjusting?
A: Toddler J is a remarkably adaptable chap, so other than asking to “go home” when we first arrived (*tear*), he’s thrown himself into exploring this new area with the energy of a pint-sized Neil Armstrong. He’s particularly taken by the Spanish moss hanging from the trees (see first picture in this post), the abundance of key lime pie, and the fact that on a particular night, you can knock on people’s doors and they’ll give you candy. (When he learns he can do it again next year, it’s going to blow his mind.)

Baby E was 2.5 months old when we moved, so as long as she had her ready supply of food and anything else she could put in her mouth, she was good.

Q: How’s Maddie adjusting?

Q&A | Jessie @ The Happiness in Health
More treats, please!

Food is still dropping into her mouth, so yeah, I think she’s doing okay.

Q: So … pics of the kids?
A: Nope. We still don’t post pictures of our kids online, on social media or otherwise. What’s right for us (and what is not necessarily right for other parents) is to allow our kids to shape their own digital identity, to the extent they can in this age of instant sharing. My kids cannot yet give consent to have their pictures shared online, and I will not post pictures of them before they choose to share them.

Everyone has been super great about respecting this wish. Occasionally, I’ve had to ask people to take down pictures of our kids that they’ve posted on social media, and they do so without a peep. I always appreciate that respect.

I do, however, have no qualms about sharing a picture of cute baby toes.

Q&A | Jessie @ The Happiness in Health

Q: Okay, what about the food? That’s what I came for.
A: I have a series of posts planned on local eats, meal planning post-kiddos, and new recipes. Stay tuned!

Q&A | Jessie @ The Happiness in Health
If you know what these are, I will be impressed at your knowledge of Random Chopped Vegetable.

Q: What’s new in your dietetics world?
A: I am overflowing with ideas for nutrition posts that I can’t wait to share with you. (“Overflowing” is perhaps not the best mental image of my current state, but … eh. I’ll let it stand.) From what I’ve been reading lately, to our kid-friendly menu planning scheme, to what to do when your toddler is a picky eater (yes, that’s happening in the THIH household), I want to cover it all.

Q: Random one. Why is this post Q&A, Part 4 while your last post was New Places, New Foods, Part 3? Inconsistent, much?
A: I wedged in a Q&A, Part 3 back in the day about being pregnant with Toddler J. You can read all the awesomeness here. (Multiple choice test and inappropriate dress lengths included!)

Q: Hey, what about those posts you promised about your round-the-worl
A: What’s that? I can’t hear you. Oh, look, we’re out of time. We’ll chat again another day!

Jessie | The Happiness in Health

P.S. Did you expect a bunch of postscripts at the bottom of this post like I’ve included so many times before? Well, prepare for disappointment BWAH HA HAAAAA!

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