The Chocolate Master, Part 2


Can you guess what’s in the picture above? Answer at end of post!

Just a quick blurb today to show off some of the crazy-good chocolate Peter and I (mostly Peter) have been churning out. We haven’t stopped at flavored truffles – oh, no. There’s some awesomeness going on in the THIH kitchen.


For instance, this creamy dessert isn’t just cheesecake; it’s chocolate-dipped cheesecake wedges. You read that right.




Someday my pictures will do these chocolate delectables justice.

Next up: Peter’s homemade caramel almond turtles. He shaped the caramel with specialized metal bars (height accurate to 0.001th of an inch).




A random session of dipping Nutter Butters in tempered chocolate, because why not.


Finally, the pièce de résistance:


What could those possibly be, dear reader? Why, bacon truffles, of course!


Peter simmered freshly-cooked bacon in cream to make the ganache truffle centers, then candied bacon for the tops. And yes, they taste as divine as they look. All for me, none for you. Sorry.

What’s next for Peter and his second-best-friend? (His first being Bonnie, of course.)

I have no idea. And that’s fine with me. Whatever’s next, I’ll be there with my hand out and my taste buds primed.

Have a great weekend!

Q: Calling all chocolate lovers: which of these would you try?



  1. I definitely suspected that those were bacon truffles! You guys are chocolatier’s in the making! Now if you want to send any of those extras my way, I will not say no. Ever. 😛

  2. Wow, I really really want to try everything! Very curious about the bacon truffles! I don’t know how you can resist eating them all at once, Jessie 😉

    1. Well, there’s not that many left … 😉

  3. wow! I’m so impressed with everything! I’d love to try a little sampler of everything 🙂

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