The Day After Fireworks



Happy (day after) Independence Day!


Along with two old friends and two new friends, Peter and I enjoyed a picnic while we waited for the fireworks show.  The last time we saw fireworks, we were driving back to CT from VT the day before we picked up little Maddies. Back in 2008. As you can imagine, we didn’t see many fireworks while cruising down the highway.

Before the show, we ate a few nibbles.


Tea sandwiches, from left to right: Dill egg salad, curry carrot and cheddar, cucumber with herbed cream cheese. We also made curry chicken salad sandwiches.


Our friends made the most delicious popcorn with a sprinkle of cinnamon and sugar.


Half-whole grain, half-regular oatmeal cookies:


Due to my non-awesomeness, I didn’t take pictures of our friends’ other snacks, including the best mint iced tea I’ve ever had and snacks from the Netherlands. Oh, well. You can imagine our feast.

I seized this opportunity to practice taking pictures of fireworks and was only half-successful. My remote trigger for the shutter stopped working, so there’s an annoying amount of camera shake. Settings: ISO 100, f/7.1, 10-20 seconds, manual focus on infinite.





These last two pictures are lit only by fireworks:



Q: How was your Fourth of July?


  1. What a nice 4th!
    It was SO hot here in Vegas so the pool was where it’s at. Swanky fiance grilled and we had a bbq with my parents. A very nice day!

  2. I watched the fireworks from (extremely) afar, but it was still fun 🙂 No delicious snacks though! Your tea sandwich and cookie photos are making me hungry 😉

    I’ve never tried cinnamon on popcorn…it sounds intriguing 🙂

    Enjoy your weekend, Jessie!

  3. Not bad! I’ll admit, Nick and I were laughing at the people taking pictures of fireworks. Yeah, we were those people, making fun of …. those people (you!) haha. But I mean, using the opportunity as practice for photography, sure, I get that 🙂
    Glad you had a nice Fourth!

    1. So, that was YOU pointing and laughing … 😉

  4. We also had a fabulous fourth! I can attest that all of the tea sandwiches were just as delicious as they look. My favorite was the curry carrot and cheddar (such a creative combo, and what a great way to sneak in some veg!), and my husband’s favorite was the curried chicken, despite the fact that both apparently contained mayonnaise, and we are both certified mayo haters. Do you have a secret curry powder that you use? I feel like there’s a huge variation in the amount of flavor that comes with a sprinkle of curry.

    1. Have we perhaps converted you into mayo non-haters … ?

      The curry is a sweet curry blend from the Spice House. I think the biggest thing is the curry needs to be fresh. We usually replace spices every 6 months (ideally) to a year (realistically).

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