The Rebel Fried Rice

Did I ever tell you that Peter collects board games?

Yes, that card at the bottom really does say Gorgutt.

This ain’t your momma’s Monopoly board.

I would show you Peter’s board game collection, but like his kitchen knife collection, some things are better left unpictured. (You can, however, see examples of his typical kitchen knife in this post and this post. Be warned, however, that these knife pictures are not for the weak of stomach.)

Bonnie takes a roll across our neatly set game board.

What’s a hungry gamer to do? Why, fry herself up some rice, rebel style!

It’s Wild! Rebel Curry Fried Rice

2 cups cooked rice (I used a mixture of wild rice and brown rice, because wild rice is expensive!)
2 eggs, beaten lightly
1 Tbsp oil
1/2 tsp ground cumin (I would have used more, but Peter is squeamish about too much cumin. Silly boy.)
1/2 Tbsp sweet curry powder
2 Tbsp apple cider vinegar
1 Tbsp Dijon mustard
1 Tbsp honey
Salt and pepper

After cooking rice, let cool, preferably overnight (I obviously did not do this).  Meanwhile, heat 1/2 Tbsp oil over medium heat and scramble eggs.  Remove eggs to plate and set aside.

Drizzle other 1/2 Tbsp oil to pan over medium heat and add cumin and curry.  Stir for 30 seconds.

Add rice, vinegar, mustard, and honey.  Toss like the professional chef you are.

Salt and pepper to taste.  Taste and revel in your culinary awesomeness.

I served our rebel fried rice with a little something I call:

Swiss Chard Curls around Mustardy Onion

1/2 tbsp oil
1 bunch Swiss chard, torn into medium-sized pieces
1/2 red onion, diced
1 tsp mustard powder
2 Tbsp porto wine
1 Tbsp maple syrup
Salt and pepper

Heat the oil over medium heat in a large saucepan.  Add onion and saute until tender.

Add mustard powder and stir.  Toss in Swiss chard and saute for one minute.  Pour porto and maple syrup over all and let cook until chard is tender.  Sprinkle with your favorite salt.

All together:

Happy Labor Day everyone!

Q: Do you play board games?  Which games are your favorites?


  1. I love board games. In the last few years, I’ve enjoyed playing Acquire and Settlers of Cattan.

  2. This looks delicious. I like ridiculously large knives too. They must be of course sharp too.

  3. Hey Jessie,

    Before the kiddies, we actually used to have boardgames night once a week. We’d play stuff like Settlers of Catan, Shadows over Camelot, Carcassonne, etc. If you play those games then you’ll know exactly what types of games those are. Hubby likes those games, I’m more into mahjong and poker lol.

    That’s a mean sounding fried rice you’re cooking up there. I’ve never tried wild rice and brown rice as a fried rice dish before.t And your use of honey and apple cider vinegar is new to me too – interesting. I’ll have to give this a try some time! By the way, love the wok! Hope you’re having a great labor day long weekend!

    1. I’m sure you can probably guess, but Peter has ALL those games you mentioned. Plus many more that take up whole shelves. Did I mention he collects stuff? 😛 Maybe when K and L are older, you can have board game nights again! 🙂

  4. I used to play Sorry and Boggle all the time. Now Maya plays Kid Monopoly and she is a puzzle girl!

    I love fried rice! I will definitely be trying your recipe soon because for once I actually have all of these ingredients!

  5. I never knew Peter was such a board game afficionado! My favorites are Scrabble and Boggle. I could play those every day. If only I didn’t have to learn neuroanatomy.

    That fried rice looks awesome and I love those swiss chard curls.

  6. Scrabble would probably have to be my favorite board game! 😉 As a kid it was Candy Land. I always wanted to be Queen Frostine!!!!

    It’s Wild! Rebel Curry Fried Rice – LOVE the title of this recipe!! It sounds so delicious!! 🙂

    You and Peter sound like so much fun to hang out with! Too bad we don’t live closer. Let us know if you’re ever in the Atlanta area!! 🙂

    1. Of course! And let me know if you’re ever in the CT area! 🙂

  7. I love the name of this dish! Sadly, we only have the basics like Monopoly, Scrabble, etc. I would love to venture out to new games though, and that one looks like a lot of fun!

  8. That’s very neat that Peter collects board games. I love playing board games, and I always have. Nick and I received a new Monopoly game when we moved a couple months ago and we’ve been playing it a lot (he always wins!). We always get each other new board games for Christmas too.

    I did a post about wild rice not too long ago and ever since then I have really been into it. I just made some today, actually, so thanks for this great recipe!

  9. This curry fried rice looks delicious. I don’t know if I have ever tried sweet curry powder.
    I love board games! My favorites include Clue and Scattagories (not sure if I spelled that one right).

  10. I loved board games as a kid. Would probably still if I had someone to play them with 🙁 My favourite was Payday?

    1. I remember that game! That’s a fun one – I think I still have it somewhere …

  11. What a lovely dish! The chard especially looks delicious!

    Frankly, I’m jealous of his knife collection. I’m betting they slice a lot better than my knives. 😉

    I don’t mean to brag, but I rock at Pay Day, Mancala, and Clue. Try not to feel too intimidated by my prowess. 😛

    1. *is intimidated* 😛

  12. Oooh, I remember playing Settlers of Catan, that used to be my favourite game. These days I don’t really play anything but I would like to. It’s such a cozy old-fashioned way to spend an evening with friends 🙂 No electronics required. I had fried rice with veggies today, and fresh salmon, hooray! I need to learn how to use different spices better. Recently I’ve been lazy, just using salt and pepper and maybe some dry herb mix thing. Have a fantastic day!

  13. Very nice Jessie – wild rice plus curry! Definitely a rebel among fried rice dishes LOL

    Boardgames bring back warm memories for me – I played them a lot during my childhood and now, it’s become a tradition to take them out at Christmas when the whole family is together and everyone is too stuffed with turkey to move and trying not to fall asleep 😀 Now when I think board games, I think turkey and gravy 😉

  14. That rice looks really good. I keep seeing curry pictures today and it is only 10 am but I am craving curry.

  15. I usually am not a fan of rice if it’s not rolled in a sushi 😉 but you made it look really delicious! Mm.. I wonder should we have some curry rice for dinner tonight?!

    I love board games! my absolutely favourites are Monopoly and a Finnish game which is called “The Hund Of The African Diamond” or smth like that.. I don’t know if anyone else outside Finland knows about it? 😀

    1. I haven’t heard of it, and neither has Peter! Although, I’m sure he’ll be looking for it now … 🙂

  16. I adore board games 🙂
    Monopoly has a special place in my heart, because we used to play it all the time as kids 🙂

  17. Do you have Monster Mash? That’s my favourite game ever. It’s the only board game that I’m amazing at. Seriously. Unbeatable.
    …I attribute that to countless hours of playing it by myself during my childhood

    1. We don’t have Monster Mash, but I remember seeing commercials for it.

      Whenever we meet, I will challenge you to a match of Monster Mash! Then we’ll see how good you REALLY are … 😉

  18. I haven’t played board games in a loooong time. I’m actually looking forward to the toddler being old enough for family game night… 🙂

    Beautiful, colorful meal!

  19. What an interesting collector’s item! I love Monopoly…classic!!

    That meal looks AWESOME, Jessie! YUM!

  20. oh man, i love board games, anything trivia related! my dream is they’d bring back you don’t know jack. (albeit, not a board game, but still, SO good!)

    lookin forward to reading more of your blog 🙂

  21. Great dish all around. Love the combinations of flavor. Great use of cumin in the dish, I am a big fan of the cumin.

    Nice photo of you with the glasses. It’s a good look.

    As board games go, love Clue and Risk!

    Be well

  22. it’s been a while since i’ve played a board game – before all our friends had babies, we used to have a monthly “game night” – i love ’em!

  23. That is one crazy looking board game!! I used to play board games all the time (not sure why I stopped). When I was younger, my absolute favorites were Life and Clue. I also went through a phase when I was pretty much unbeatable at mancala…or so I liked to think. 😉

    Your Labor Day meal looks delicious! I love the Rebel Fried Rice. I’ve actually never made fried rice myself, but I do love eating it. Maybe it’s time to start branching out!

  24. I love this, he supplies the entertainment and you supply the food! <3 haha. i love board games.. i truly have a hard time playing them when im bored tho.. usually only when im in a happy mood do i love to play. but ive been known to get too excited/or grumpy and smash everyone's pieces down so we have to start again muah ha ha lol


  25. I use to love board games…..I don’t think it qualifies but I loved battleship! your fried rice and swiss chard sounds like such a delicious meal, seasoned to perfection!

  26. Great dish…used to play Clue with my kids when they were younger and Masterpiece 🙂

  27. What a lovely looking meal! I like the spices you have used. I love playing board games but seem to only get time to play them at Christmas now! My favourite is Monopoly.

  28. I love board games too! A new favorite is Easy Money – the precursor to Monopoly. We played that this summer at my parents’ house. I also like word-based ones like Scattegories and Scrabble.

    I love the fried rice with wild rice! I’ve only made mine w/ white rice.

    Thanks for sharing with Friday Firsts!

  29. I love the sound of this! 😀 Definitely can’t wait to try it–I think I have all the ingredients for it other than sweet curry powder, but hopefully that shouldn’t be too difficult to locate! Fried rice is such an awesome quick dish! :]

    + yay for board games! Settlers of Catan is one of my favorites but it can definitely ruin friendships (temporarily)!! 😛

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