Weekend Roundup: Menu Planning

Remember when I gave you a tour of our new place? You may recall the view above Peter’s desk:

Those sparkly butterflies are leftover permanent stickers from the previous tenant of the room, who was a six-year-old girl. I decided to manly-it-up a little bit by hanging a shower curtain in front of it.

Although I’m not sure how manly a paisley shower curtain is, at least it’s not butterflies. Point for Jessie!

With regards to my last post, thanks for your suggestions on what my next ingredient week should be! I was totally serious about asking, and I plan to have a week for each of your suggestions (except Peter‘s. As much as I love smoked pork butt, I don’t think I could stand a week of eating that every day).

To make it more challenging, I’ll aim for both sweet and savory for each of the ingredients. This may prove challenging for some, like Samantha‘s suggestion of chocolate chips. Thanks, SAMANTHA. 😛

I haven’t yet decided when the first Ingredient Week will be, but I’ll announce it here when I do! If you have any other suggestions for future ingredient weeks, let me know in the comments.

On to today’s Menu Planning post! After promising to share my weekly menu plan in this post, I’ve been a bit lax in doing so (i.e. I’ve only done it twice. Oops.). The plan for this week:

Before I translate the gobbledegook, I just want to point out that the yellow-and-black thing hanging on the wall just beyond our menu planning board is a magnetic stud-finder.

Not that kind of stud. Geez, people.

The stud-finder locates the nails in the wall that correspond with wall studs. We hang the heavy stuff from the studs, like this awesome pot ‘n’ pan hanging rack that Peter and his dad designed and built:

We’ve had that stud finder hanging from the wall ever since we moved in. We had it hanging from the wall in our last place, too — all 1.5 years we were there. I feel like it’s part of the decor now. Besides, now we always know where it is!

Where were we now? Oh, yes! The menu planning. Golly, if you’re still reading at this point — power to you.

Day 1: Quinoa deliciousness (thanks to Joanne for this recipe!)
Day 2: Flatbread pizzas
Day 3: Tofu cauliflower stir fry
Day 4: Leftovers or FFA (free for all – we usually do this at least once per week for flexibility)
Day 5: Roasted duck with hoisin buns and Delicata squash (on Friday so that one of the FOUR ducks that Peter bought at a restaurant supply store has time to defrost)
Day 6: Probably Golden Harbor
Day 7: Frittata or we’ll have people over

We’ll see how we did at the end of the week!

Maddie pic of the week:

Q: How was your weekend?


  1. Can’t wait to see what you do with your next ingredient! You can be the start of a new food network show 😉

    This weekend I can actually see some yellow leaves and sort of almost feel the coziness of autumn (while wearing shorts and a tank top). Bring on the spiced lattes and various pumpkin related things!

  2. Next ingredient should be…Bacon Wrapped Stuffed Sausage Fatty!!!

    1. Well, now I have another brother to add to the won’t-follow-that-suggestion-list …

  3. Mike and I (selfishly) would like you to feature a veggie such as summer squash, zucchini, carrots, or mushrooms (are those vegetables??), to give us some ideas for how to expand our repertoire of recipes using some of our preferred vegetables. Not that tonight’s roasted veggies weren’t delicious, but I think we need some new ideas too.

    1. Of course! I’ll add those to the list. I need to stretch my veggie boundaries, too, so this is perfect. Hope you and Mike are well!

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