Weekend Roundup: The Places I Go


It’s time to see how the THIH household did with meal planning this week — but first! A weekend roundup:

On Friday night, Peter and I went with some new friends to a fall festival in town. It was dark.

Peter ordered a brisket sandwich and a pulled pork sandwich from a smokehouse stand.

Soon afterward, I bought a small-sized bag of kettle corn. The “Small” size was still about twice the size of my massively intelligent head, which makes me wonder how big the “Large” size was.

Kettle corn is my absolute favorite treat at these types of fairs. Apparently, I became so engrossed with cradling my bag of kettle corn like a beloved child that I forgot to take any more pictures of the fair. Except for this one:

I ran to the top of the only hill in the area, which was once a landfill. If you squint really hard, you can see Peter in the picture. Need help playing Where’s Peter?

If you thought that picture was awesome, check out THIS one:

Who is that fair creature at the top of the hill in the artfully sideways picture? Why, it’s me, of course! You couldn’t tell? Here, maybe this will make it clear:

I must have been a Yeti in a previous life. Thanks for the great picture, Peter.

The next day, I saw a sight to gladden my heart:

I wanted to get a closeup of the Weinermobile, but then this happened:

Sadly, by the time the train had passed, so did the Weinermobile.

I found a new place to run!

You can see the remains of the fall festival in the background, along with the hill I Yetied on Friday.

Meal Planning:
Last week, I shared our week’s meal plan with you all. How did we do?

Monday: Asian noodles with mushrooms, cashews, and grilled tofu
Tuesday: Bean burgers with lettuce, tomatoes, and cool mayo
Wednesday: Black bean pork
Thursday: Eggplant Parmesan with lean ground beef
Friday: Cornish hens
Saturday: Leftovers

Monday: Asian noodles with mushrooms, cashews, and grilled tofu
Tuesday: Eggs with homemade whole grain buns
Wednesday: Bean burgers with lettuce, tomatoes, and cool mayo
Thursday: Eggplant Parmesan (no beef because it was bad. Gag.)
Friday: Leftovers
Saturday: Went out to dinner

So … yeah. Pretty different. I definitely made a mistake when I assigned particular meals to certain days. I think I overcompensated for being so disorganized with meal planning previously that I was too rigid this time. Flexibility is key, dear reader!

This week, I wrote meals down for certain days to keep things neat, but I plan to change up the days depending on what works best for us.

Day 1: Black bean pork with veggies
Day 2: Cornish hens with fingerling potatoes
Day 3: A smoked pork dish courtesy of Peter
Day 4: Leftovers
Friday: Rehearsal dinner dinner for awesome friend Amy!
Saturday: Wedding dinner!
Sunday: ???

Notice there are carryovers from last week. We’re also having pork twice because we buy meat in bulk and this particular cut we’re using this week is quite large.

Stay tuned to see how this week’s FMPAP (Flexible Menu Planning for Awesome People) goes!

Happy Sunday!

Q: How was your weekend?


  1. Haha, the yeti-ness of your post made me laugh (and almost spit out the water I was drinking, oops). That fall festival looks fun and what a beautiful place to run! Maybe the next place you find will have a castle and some unicorns prancing around 😀

    My weekend involved lots of beach going and tennis playing. The weather here is still hot and heatwave-y but I don’t mind – the sunshine is glorious! And ice cream tastes that much better.

    Enjoy the rest of your Sunday, Jessie 😀

  2. Where are the chiles? Is it just understood that they are an all-the-time food?

    1. They’re packed away where you’ll never find them. BWA HA HAAAA! >:D

  3. I must admit, your meals for Friday and Saturday are my favorites!!! Can’t wait to see you and Peter!

    1. 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Joyce McVay says:

      Did nobody ever tell you that massively intelligent heads run in the Erwin family? Your father has definitely been remiss…you must speak with him about that!

      1. Oh, I know about our massively intelligent heads — mine is so big I have a hard time finding hats that fit! I guess it’s good genes 🙂

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